3 Ways To Dress For A Senior Woman

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3 Ways to Dress for a Senior Woman

April Braswell
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Guys, you’re a mature man now over 50 years old. You have so many clothing choices to select from in the modern era that it can almost leave you overwhelmed.

When you feel overwhelmed, you’re likely to do what you already know and are comfortable with, but that’s not always what mature women find attractive in a man.

1. No tropical shirts.

It seems many senior men are embracing the “retired at a beach resort” look by wearing tropical print shirts. It’s become the boomer man’s casual uniform.

In the 1980s, camp shirts were all the rage. Too many men over 50 are depending on wearing tropical print shirts to have a shirt that is dressier than a T-shirt but expresses their relaxed, casual lifestyle better than a full dress shirt.

Senior men often wear these shirts untucked to cover up any imperfections in their physique, which might be less than GQ worthy.

It’s OK to have a few tropical shirts in your closet. Just remember to consider tucking it in periodically and not depending on them 100 percent. Aim to own and wear some other shirts.

2. Colors are your friends.

Sport shirts can often look great on you, but purchase more than just the navy and hunter green options.

Try on a few other colors, including a light blue, pink and yellow shirt. Maybe the burgundy really plays up your coloring.

Try to get a female friend or relative to go shopping with you to help you select more shirts that not only flatter you but make you look particularly attractive to women.

“Your date desires a senior

escort who knows how to dress.”


Women find men who wear color in their wardrobe attractive and masculine in their confidence. When you’re seeking to attract more women to date, start adding color to what you choose to wear today and notice how eye-catching it is for women.

3. Wear big boy pants.

If you’ve over 50, unless you live in the tropics, refrain from wearing shorts. Even worse are those baggie shorts with cargo pockets.

I know you think they’re cool because they can hold your smartphone, wallet and sunglasses, but they look terrible on most mature men.

You’re a grown man. Cover your knees.

When you go bike riding or hiking on that beautiful trail on your fourth date, you want to wear long pants to protect your legs from any scrapes or brambles. Let her show off her legs a little while you cover yours.

On a first date or when you’re headed out for an evening of live theater or a special concert, do aim to spiff up and wear a dress shirt and possibly a sports jacket or blazer.

Your date is likely to wear a special dress and secretly desires a senior escort who knows how to dress like a gentleman. Don’t disappoint her.

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