How Should Single Baby Boomers Dress For A First Date

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How Should Single Baby Boomers Dress for a First Date?

April Braswell
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Since I’ve already discussed how I recommend senior single men to dress for a first date, here’s some help for their single midlife counterparts.

Motivated singles want to date other quality singles.

How you show up dressed for your first date communicates this immediately to your mature date.

Are you sending the right signals to him?

Whatever your politics may be, I have to cite Hillary Clinton for making it absolutely OK for women to wear pant suits in the professional sphere of our lives.

Modern women love to wear pants and be comfortable. Wearing dress slacks is great when you’re at the office.

However, when you’re meeting that great guy for the first time on your first date, you want to leave your business look at the office.

Instead, I recommend my baby boomer clients wear a dress or skirt on the first date.

Why? Does it really make a difference? Can’t you just wear what’s comfortable for you?

Of course, if you are a woman who does not even own a dress or skirt and you always wear pants, please remain true to yourself and wear your nicest slacks on your first dates.

However, for the rest of you who own and wear skirts and dresses, wear a fun, feminine frock on your first dates.


“By emphasizing your womanliness, you contrast

the differences between you and your date.”

Attraction for men is mainly physical.

Whatever attraction he feels for you, he will feel it in the opening moments when he sees you face to face.

When he first meets you in person, you want to aim to accentuate your femininity.

By wearing a skirt or dress, you emphasize you are a woman and doing that turns up the volume on chemistry!

By emphasizing your womanliness, you contrast the differences between you and your date. That accentuates the chemistry between you two!

Wear a dress or skirt that has a little movement to it, perhaps with pleats or a little flounce. Having your skirt swish about is fun and flirty.

Use it as flirtation prop when you are seated talking with your date and turn up the romantic physical chemistry and attraction.

What is your favorite first date look to wear that always gets you asked out on a second date?

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