Senior Single Guys How To Dress For First Date Success

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Senior Single Guys: How to Dress for First Date Success

April Braswell
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Guys, now is not the time to dress too casually. You’ve gone to all that trouble to join a great online dating site for senior singles. You got some great photos. You’ve posted a profile. You searched the profiles of the single senior ladies at the site and emailed a number of them. You finally asked one special lady out, maybe even two or three. Congratulations, you’ve landed a first date!

You’re gearing up for the first date, showering, shaving, and applying your favorite aftershave to your face as you gaze at your reflection in the mirror.

You are strutting about in front of your mirror telling yourself what a great guy you are, how much fun you’ll have meeting this special lady tonight, and increasing your self-confidence and social ease with your positive self-talk.

Now is not the time to wear only a T-shirt and jeans! Nix the T-shirt. Unless you really are an aging rock star, in which case you may wear anything you like, then leave the T-shirt at home.

How should senior men dress for a first date?

Trust me when I tell you, the lady went to some effort. She will be looking, feeling, and smelling good.

Maybe she got her hair done and visited the nail spa to get a fresh manicure and pedicure. Her makeup and hair are done and look fabulous. Even if she dressed casually, she dressed spiffy casual. She made an effort to look classy and alluring to capture your attention on the first date.

Don’t let the first date fizzle out to a dud date by how you dress. Women feel respected when you make an effort to spiff up for them for the first date.

Your uniform might be the guy ubiquitous tropical-print shirt. For a first date, aim to wear a shirt that is a touch dressier and add a sports jacket. Depending on where you live, you may or may not be wearing a tie. Dressing up for a first date is never a bad thing.

When you go to the effort to look good for your date, she will feel cherished and respected by you, immediately increasing your chances to get a second date. And getting a second date is always the goal of a first date.