10 Best Lesbian Websites 2023

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10 Best Lesbian Websites and Blogs of 2023

Chloë Hylkema

Written by: Chloë Hylkema

Chloë Hylkema

Chloë Hylkema loves using her writing skills to tell stories that matter. Her time as an English student at Emory University molded her into a detailed writer with a knack for the relatable. Chloë is familiar with what it means to date in the modern age, and she endeavors to write material that is both truthful and helpful. She has previously worked as lead campaign writer for an animal advocacy group and now brings her passion for engaging and actionable content to DatingAdvice.com.

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Lillian Castro

Lillian Guevara-Castro brings more than 30 years of journalism experience to ensure DatingAdvice articles have been edited for overall clarity, accuracy, and reader engagement. She has worked at The Atlanta Journal and Constitution, The Gwinnett Daily News, and The Gainesville Sun covering lifestyle topics.

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Janet Mock, a trans and feminist activist and writer, once wrote, “I believe that telling our stories, first to ourselves and then to one another and the world, is a revolutionary act.” Her quote encapsulates the motivation behind the earliest forms of lesbian media in the 20th century, and that effort continues to this day.

The Ladder” was one of the first lesbian publications in the United States with its earliest review in 1956. The magazine was based in San Francisco and published by the Daughters of Bilitis, a lesbian organization with chapters across California. Across the pond, London-based “Sappho” magazine encouraged lesbian women to connect and build communities from the early 1970s into the late ’80s.

Publications like “The Ladder” and “Sappho” are the historical context for the lesbian websites and blogs on this list. Content made by and for lesbians holds a crucial role in building community, dismantling biases, and continuing on the journey to liberation. This list features websites that offer a variety of content types and lesbian perspectives, from a casual blog written by a nonbinary lesbian to lesbian pop culture news. 

A Lesbian and Her Laptop | Dressing Dykes | AfterEllen | Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents | Autostraddle | Lesbian News | Mombian | LesBeMums | The Lesbrary | The Seattle Lesbian 

Jess (they/them) writes from the heart on their blog, “A Lesbian and Her Laptop.” The blog began in 2017 and, since then, has collected posts containing creative nonfiction pieces, lists, and content reviews. All blog posts explore the queer experience from a lesbian, nonbinary perspective.

“A Lesbian and Her Laptop” gained popularity with the blog series called “How I Meet My Girlfriend,” or HIMMGF. Jess and their girlfriend Jas met on Tumblr and truly have a love story of the digital age. It was 2014, and both were very involved in the “Black Orphan” fandom. Jess went by koalatygirl and Jas was betchilds, and would regularly get thousands of interactions with her posts. 

Now, almost 10 years later, the pair are going strong, despite being in a long-distance, international relationship. Jess’s content is engaging and authentic and is written with a voice that is distinctly Jess. Recently, Jess has been releasing frequent LGBTQ+ book reviews.

More About “A Lesbian and Her Laptop”

  • Written by Jess (they/them)
  • Series about long-distance, international, lesbian relationship
  • Plenty of fresh and topical content

Best for: Nonbinary Lesbian Perspective

Dressing Dykes” is written by Eleanor Medhurst, a Birmingham, United Kingdom-based dress historian, and self-described dyke. She earned a Master of Arts in History of Design and Material Culture at the University of Brighton. Her academic studies have long been concerned with lesbian history, and she uncovers that through the lens of clothing and fashion. 

The online space was started to give lesbian fashion visibility. Eleanor claims that lesbian fashion has long been pushed to the side or completely disregarded. “Dressing Dykes” includes posts about Black lesbian fashion in the 1980s, becoming ‘ugly’ as a method of liberation, and the style choices of Anne Lister.

Eleanor provides an academic and historical approach to lesbian fashion, but her content is easily-digestible. Beyond the blog, Eleanor has an Instagram and TikTok where she makes content related to lesbian fashion throughout history and today. Eleanor makes bite-sized TikToks chock-full of information on niche lesbian histories concerning fashion and beyond.

More About “Dressing Dykes”

  • Written by historian Eleanor Medhurst (she/her)
  • Lesbian history through lesbian fashion
  • Covers several geographical areas and time periods

Best for: Lesbian Fashion Content



Since 2002, “AfterEllen” has been a hub for lesbian and bi pop culture and entertainment news. The site is run by dedicated lesbian journalists and regularly conducts interviews to produce the most well-rounded and reputable content. “After Ellen” covers everything from film, TV, music, books, and fashion to sex, dating, and coming out.

“AfterEllen” publishes regular TV recaps focused on shows with lesbian representation. Recently, the site reviewed “Dead Ringers,” a TV adaptation of Cronenberg’s 1988 film. Beyond TV reviews and recaps, “AfterEllen” also features book reviews. The site covers books that have to do with the lesbian experience, from coming-of-age YA novels to lesbian-authored memoirs.

The lifestyle section of “AfterEllen” has sex and dating content written for lesbians and bi women, by lesbians and bi women. Articles of this sort cover topics that include overcoming internalized homophobia, date ideas, and things lesbians would ‘never’ say. “AfterEllen” is one of the longest-standing lesbian websites and sets the precedent for many other similar sites that have appeared later.

More About “AfterEllen”

  • Diverse journalistic team
  • Entertainment news hub
  • Site shop with plenty of pride merch

Best for: Established Lesbian News Source

Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents” was founded in 2005 as an outgrowth of several media appearances made by Sue Kerr, who was named Pittsburgh’s ‘unofficial lesbian correspondent.’ The project began out of Sue’s desire to promote the positive things happening in Pittsburgh’s LGBTQ+ community.

Sue and her partner, whose online alias is Ledcat, along with Trish Mifflin, who joined the team in 2012, write all of the content for “Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents.” The site covers all things lesbian and queer, with movie reviews, political updates, and celebrity news. The team also covers Pittsburgh-area fundraising related to LGBTQ+ causes.

It doesn’t get more grassroots and unapologetically lesbian as “Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents.” Sue, Ledcat, and Trish have been around for a second and have witnessed first-hand the paradigm shift concerning lesbians and other queer folks in the past decade.

More About “Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents” 

  • Journalistic team led by Sue Kerr (she/her) 
  • Mix of political and lifestyle content
  • Named OUTstanding LGBTQ Blog- GLAAD Media Awards 2022

Best for: Established Lesbian Blog

Autostraddle” was founded in 2009 by Riese Bernard and Alexandra Vega. The site is still run by a team of feminist queer and trans people, serving multiple generations of the LGBTQ+ community. The site was created to be a space for lesbians and queer people to display and explore their most authentic selves without fear or shame.

The site covers TV, film, entertainment news, and lifestyle content. In the film category, recent articles have included a queer Marxist analysis of the “Barbie” movie and the regularly-updated list of the best lesbian movies of all time. “Autostraddle” also has articles about navigating being misgendered, investigating online discourse about Autism Spectrum Disorder, and how to come out.

In 2020, “Autostraddle” restated its mission to center Black and Brown folks in the LGBTQ+ sphere. The team is dedicated to a purposefully intersectional approach that recognizes the disparate struggles of Black and Brown queer people, and disabled queer folks. The restated mission was a commitment to the wealth of identities, experiences, and backgrounds within the LGBTQ+ community.

More About “Autostraddle”

  • Founded by Riese Bernard and Alexandra Vega in 2009
  • Progressive, feminist, and trans-inclusionary 
  • Regular news updates 

Best for: All-in-One Source for Queer News and Media

Lesbian News,” which was first released in print in 1975, is North America’s longest running lesbian publication. The publication was established in Southern California to explore women’s art, music, literature, films, and history. All of the site’s content is made for and by lesbians and focuses on issues and media that are important in the lives of lesbians.

Along with regular online posts, “Lesbian News” releases a monthly digital magazine that features cover stories, real-life lesbian stories, lifestyle content, and arts and entertainment news. Past cover stories have included Brittney Griner, Fletcher, and Zolita. Magazines are only $0.99 and include top-tier journalistic explorations.

The site covers politics, healthcare, business, and world news. “Lesbian News” covers mainly United States politics and news but attends to global news that touches on LGBTQ+ issues. The publication lives up to its storied legacy by keeping its finger on the pulse of the lesbian experience in the 21st century.

More About “Lesbian News”

  • Founded in Southern California in 1975 (print, at the time) 
  • Coverage of politics, healthcare, lifestyle, and pop culture 
  • Monthly magazine 

Best for: Longest-Running North American Lesbian Publication



Mombian” launched in 2005 to respond to the need for parenting sites specifically for LGBTQ+ parents. The site has won two GLAAD Media Awards and is one of the longest-running LGBTQ+ parenting blogs. Dana Rudolph is the founder and publisher and created “Mombian” to be a resource for politics, diversions, and resources for lesbian moms.

Dana is a lesbian mom who raised her now college-aged son with her wife. That means “Mombian” comes from a place of experience and understanding. Site categories are parenting, politics, diversions, and resources. The parenting section includes resources for parents of nonbinary children, surveys concerning donor-conceived pregnancies, and children’s book reviews.

The news section curates stories relevant to queer parents or parents of queer children, including information about bills and laws restricting or expanding LGBTQ+ folk’s ability and rights in parenthood. Queer folks have long been restricted and denied their desire for parenthood, and “Mombian” has been a source of strength and information for LGBTQ+. 

More About “Mombian”

  • Founded by Dana Rudolph (she/her) in 2005 
  • News, book reviews, and other resources for queer parents and parents of queer children 
  • GLAAD Award-winning publication 

Best for: LGBTQ+ Culture from a Parent’s Perspective



LesBeMums” is a United Kingdom-based mom blog written by wives and parents Kate and Sharon. Kate and Sharon met in 2006, joined in a civil partnership in 2012, and then converted to ‘married’ status in 2015. They welcomed their son, called T, or Beansprout, in 2015 and live in East Sussex. The blog was created to normalize lesbian motherhood and display the beauty of non-heteronormative family setups.

The blog covers LGBTQ+ news, like iconic queer moments in history and the best LGBTQ+ books of the year. Kate and Sharon share their favorite LGBTQ+ charities and children’s books. “LesBeMums” also posts product reviews for parents. These reviews cover a variety of products, from diaper bags to toys for older children. They put the toys they review to the test through their son, T, who shares his opinions on the toys with his moms.

Kate and Sharon love going on family outings and share reviews of different areas in the United Kingdom for family travel. They have a list of free and fun things to do with the whole family in London and bucket lists for UK-based families. They offer tips for finding ways to do everything couples enjoyed together before kids with the addition of a little one. 

More About “LesBeMums”

  • Written by lesbian moms Kate and Sharon 
  • Toy, book, and city reviews
  • Reflections of lesbian parenthood 

Best for: Lesbian Mom Blog

The Lesbrary” is jam-packed with reviews of lesbian and bi books and is the perfect resource for queer folks who love to read. The blog occasionally covers non-lesbian or bi identities, all under the umbrella of non-men who are attracted to non-men. There are two blog categories, sapphic book blogs, and otherwise queer book reviews.

Visitors can navigate the site by genre, rating, or representation. “The Lesbrary” has master lists of hundreds of books, divided into categories of classics, fiction, historical nonfiction, YA, comics, science fiction, fantasy, and the list goes on. No matter what kind of books a reader is into, they can find a lesbian or queer book to fulfill that desire.

Book reviews on “The Lesbrary” are in-depth and written from the lesbian perspective. Each includes content warnings so readers can decide whether a book is a good fit for them. The site is a deep and seemingly endless resource for book recommendations, maintained by a large team of book-loving lesbians.

More About “The Lesbrary”

  • Founded by Head Lesbrarian Danika Leigh Ellis (she/they) in 2010 
  • In-depth book reviews 
  • Hundreds of queer book recommendations 

Best for: Lesbian Book Blog

The Seattle Lesbian” was established in 2010 to be a queer news hub for the Pacific Northwest. Since then, the site has grown to receive international traffic, with its content being read by queer people and the folks who love them. The site aims to provide thought-provoking content to promote discussion and more effective advocacy.

“The Seattle Lesbian” covers news, entertainment, and travel. The news category includes Seattle-area-specific news and national news relating to the LGBTQ+ community. Recent stories have included coverage of Joe Biden’s Pride Month declaration of unwavering support for LGBTQ+ individuals and the communities they make up.

The site’s travel category is particularly useful, as many posts explore vacation destinations and what they offer for queer folks. “The Seattle Lesbian” curates material about queer issues and connects these issues with tangible routes for action. The site approaches news and popular media with the understanding that being lesbian isn’t just personal, it’s also political.

More About “The Seattle Lesbian”

  • Established in Seattle in 2010 
  • News, entertainment, and travel categories
  • Seattle-area events and activism news

Best for: Pacific Northwest Lesbian News

It’s been said again and again, but only because it’s true. Representation matters. Especially when it comes to matters of the LGBTQ+ experience, queer voices deserve to be amplified and heard. Lesbians exist at the intersection of sexual orientation and gender – they experience the societal forces exerted on both women and queer people all at once.

This unique outlook on how the world works reveals things non-LGBTQ+ folks may be unable to see. The lesbian experience is broad and nonsingular, and lesbian media not only connects lesbians to each other but offers an opportunity for non-lesbians to engage with the queer experience and learn from this engagement.