3 First Date Qualities That Will Destroy A Relationship Over Time

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3 First Date Qualities That Will Destroy a Relationship Over Time

Joshua Pompey

Written by: Joshua Pompey

Joshua Pompey

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Everyone has qualities and attributes that will annoy others. There is simply no denying that fact.

Trying to find a man or woman who does not have bad habits will likely have you searching until the end of time for a partner.

While some of these bad habits may seem manageable and downright negligible on a first date, be careful what you choose to ignore.

Things that do not bother us at all on a first date may come back to haunt us if the date progresses into a relationship.

In this article, I am going to discuss three bad habits that should be taken very seriously on a first date, regardless of how innocent they may initially seem.

They will only create problems as time goes on.

1. Lateness.

So, she was 15 minutes late. It is not that big of a deal. It is not like you had to be anywhere.

Besides, you were on your phone the entire time anyway, catching up with friends.

Being late is a very big deal. It shows the person does not value your time.

She is indirectly communicating that your time is not valuable and keeping you waiting is not a big deal.

This problem may only get worse over time.

Sure, being late one time is not a big deal because things can happen. But how would you like it if every time you met someone you wind up waiting?

The truth is, people who are chronically late do not tend to change over time. Trust me, I know this from experience!

If the person apologizes and provides a good reason, let it go. But if the lateness is more than five minutes without it being acknowledged, be forewarned.

You may be dealing with someone who is constantly late for the duration of the entire relationship.

“One of the worst habits a person

can demonstrate is dominance.”

2. Always checking their phone.

There is nothing more rude, juvenile and annoying than someone who is constantly checking their phone.

This communicates a message that the person with them is not a priority.

If things start out like this from the very beginning, imagine how much worse it will get over time.

If you have no problem talking to the top of your partner’s head at dinner for the rest of your life as she checks her Facebook status, by all means, go for it.

If you want to have an actual adult relationship, be very wary of this bad habit.

3. Displaying characteristics of dominance.

One of the worst habits a person can demonstrate on a first date is trying to dominate everything.

These are the types of people who always have to be right. They are the types of people who always have to argue every point.

They always have to make every decision. They always have to dominate every conversation and get the final word in.

Relationships are meant to be partnerships, not dictatorships. Run from these types of personalities as fast as you can.

While these three habits are by no means the only bad habits you should be on the lookout for, they tend to be the most overlooked when deciding whether or not to give people a chance.

Avoid making these mistakes. You will thank me in the long run!