7 First Date Ideas For Lesbian Women

Lesbian Dating

7 First Date Ideas for Lesbian Women

Kara Pound
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Like any first date, you need to first evaluate the type of person you’re going to be going out with. Here are seven types of women and great first date ideas to sweep them off their feet:

1. The sexy type.

Why not think outside the box and take her to a pole dancing class? It’s a quirky way to get to know someone and get in your cardio. You don’t have to dress too sexy, just wear cute sweats and be yourself.

2. The sporty type.

Take her to a ballgame. Whether it’s basketball, baseball, football or cricket, treat her to a once-in-a-lifetime experience complete with stadium dogs and keg beer. What could be more romantic?

3. The fashionista.

Is there a local fashion week or string of high-fashion boutiques on the main strip in your town? Go store to store and try on the most fun fashion finds before having a fun outdoor lunch complete with wine and tapas.


“If you’re looking for great first date

ideas, think about the type of girl.”

4. The artist.

Bring her to an exhibit, contemporary art museum or the studio of your friend who’s a fabulous artist. Take it a step further and go to one of those “paint your own pottery” places and act like kids.

5. The athlete.

If you know she’s super into sports and breaking a sweat, then take her to a fun obstacle or ropes course. Just make sure to let her know what the day will entail.

6. The conservative.

If you know she prefers button-down shirts and khakis, then take her to a polo match, country club or out for a proper tea with crumpets and Devonshire cream.

7. The party girl.

If you know she likes to have a good time, then take her to a club for bottle service or an awesome live music jam. Again, let her know what the night will entail — i.e. party clothes!

If you’re looking for great first date ideas, first think about the type of girl you’ll be going out with. Then, and only then, can you have a first date that hits it out of the park.