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It’s Not Too Early to Plan for Valentine’s Day

April Braswell

Written by: April Braswell

April Braswell

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I was just on TV in San Diego talking about advice for couples, and part of the advice I found I needed to share with the male viewers was they needed to start making Valentine’s Day plans now.

Early January is not too early to start booking reservations and gift orders for Valentine’s Day.

The average 50-year-old man is simply not thinking of Valentine’s Day during January.

Left to his own habits, he might start thinking about it about 4 p.m. Feb. 14. By then, it is way too late and you will simply crush your mature lady’s heart.

Senior women don’t want you treat them like a princess.

Once you are in a relationship with a midlife lady, you know she will have expectations of romance with you, demonstrating her closeness with you.

Senior women want to be romanced.

However, she is a bit more practical and down to earth than a 20-year-old who sometimes is expecting to be treated like little princesses.

This doesn’t mean she doesn’t want you to make a romantic fuss over her at times. Valentine’s Day is just one of those romantic occasions when you need to make your cherishing of her known.

“When you plan, you

demonstrate how you adore her.”

If you live in a city, the best restaurants with the prime romantic ambiance are already filling up their reservations for Valentine’s Day now, one month in advance of the holiday.  You need to phone now to book your reservation.

If you live in a smaller metropolitan area or town, you might already be too late to get your reservation.

However, you might have a few more options other than the romantic restaurants available to you. A local restaurant can feature great food and have available tables on Valentine’s Day.

Avoid any restaurant, even if they are serving Maine lobster, if they only have plastic booths. Women like to feel comfortable and cared for at the same time.

Plus, a plastic booth can snag a woman’s dress. That is never a good thing to associate a date with.

When you phone to make a reservation, if the prime time tables are already full, a senior lady may be quite comfortable eating dinner at an early time, such as 5:30 or 6 p.m.

Act now and you might still get to take your lady to her favorite romantic restaurant.

Attributes women care about in a restaurant:

Women care about bathrooms. We notice whether a restroom is clean or not.

We also pay attention to the little details of whether or not the ladies’ room is nice and has slightly chic attributes.

You can get an idea about these characteristics in their online reviews. Women will sometimes write about these in their write-ups.

In addition to restaurant venues filling up weeks in advance of Valentine’s Day, know that flowers sell out quickly.

Place your floral orders early to have optimal choice. If you wait until the last might to place your bouquet order, you’ll be stuck paying extra.

When you plan in advance, you can demonstrate how you adore your lady love to her and still manage your wallet well.

What is your favorite way to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

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