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Holiday Pickup Lines for Seniors

April Braswell
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The holiday season is a perfect time for senior singles to get out and socialize with their fellow baby boomers. It is so easy to meet more people!

All those boomer men and women who are so hard to meet because of their busy lives are out and about and approachable in very public venues throughout the holidays.

As their personal dating coach, a lot of senior singles share with me their biggest dating challenges. One of the toughest obstacles facing single boomers is simply meeting their fellow singles.

Unlike back in college and grad school, all of your single peers are not right down the hall or across campus from you anymore. All of your hobbies and activities are no longer occurring in the same close proximity to each other.

Now that you’re a midlife single, you have to make a concerted effort to meet quality mature singles.

During the holidays, you’re running into crowds of mature people out while your shopping, attending a holiday concert or grabbing a nosh at the coffee shop between errands.

They are all around you. Whether it’s a Thanksgiving travel day, Hanukkah concert, Christmas shopping day or Kwanzaa celebration at city hall, people get out of the house during the holidays.

Now’s your chance!

But what can you say? Don’t freeze up all tongue-tied with nothing to say. Practice these pickup lines before you head out and you’re all set to pick up a senior single and segue to a casual first date later.

“Remember to exchange phone numbers

and invite the senior sweetie for coffee.”

At the train station, airport or bus depot:

  • “Are you visiting friends or relatives?”
  • “Are you hosting any of the festivities this year?”
  • “Are you traveling to visit family at all this year? Oh my goodness! How early in the year did you buy your tickets? Oh yes, we’re avoiding the busiest travel days, too.”

At a holiday concert, coffee shop or food court:

  • “What’s your favorite part of the holiday season?”
  • “What’s your favorite holiday dish?”
  • “Do you have a top recipe you love to make?”
  • “Have you started decorating yet?”
  • “Which of the holiday movies or TV shows do you most enjoy watching?”

Wear a smile and mirror it back to whomever you’re casually chatting with. Then compliment them sincerely about how friendly they are. We’re biologically wired to return a smile, and who doesn’t enjoy receiving a compliment?

You’re on your way! Now, remember to exchange phone numbers and invite the senior sweetie you meet for a fun and festive coffee date to have something to close with before you two part.

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