How Senior Men Can End A First Date With No Sizzle

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How Senior Men Can End a First Date with No Sizzle

April Braswell
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You finally got to meet her for that great first date after you two met online on a senior dating site. You were a gentleman. You asked her out, showed up and paid for the first date.

Good job! You’re taking proactive steps toward finding the love you seek.

Truth be told, she’s an attractive and interesting woman, but for you, there were just no sparks of romantic chemistry. She just didn’t curl your toes.

And guys, I get it. I know that physical attraction for men is either there or it’s not.

There’s just no way to develop sizzle for you if it’s not already there. You feel that surge of attraction to her or you don’t.

It’s no personal criticism of her. She’s just not a possibility for your Miss Right, is she?


“You’ll find your own words to use and

buffer them with social niceties.”

What should you do?

Now guys, I find a lot more of you aim to be kind about this than maybe some women are because as the hormonally wired pursuer from youth, you’ve likely faced more direct rejection from the opposite sex than women have.

So you know it always hurts at least somewhat.

You want to be kind to her and not hurt her feelings anymore than you can avoid. But you gotta’ dish it out there. You need to tell her.

Why you need to tell her.

If you end the first date by just saying how great it was to meet her, she will read that as, “He’s interested in a second date.”

She might start to weave this in her mind and talk with her girlfriends about it. This is how women are. We just are.

If the polite expression slips your lips, “Maybe we’ll see each other again,” and you didn’t mean anything by it, she is now sitting waiting for your phone with expectations of another date.

So tell her:

“Carole, thanks for agreeing to meet me. You’re just as much fun in person as you were in our email exchange. It’s just, I don’t think we’re a match.”

You’ll find your own words to use, of course, and buffer them with whatever social niceties are part of your conversational style. Just tell her. Then you both can look elsewhere for places to meet senior singles.

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