Maximize Holiday Shopping To Meet A Potential Mate

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Maximize Holiday Shopping to Meet a Potential Mate

April Braswell
April Braswell Updated:
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Now that the holiday shopping season is well underway, maybe you don’t yet have a mature mate to introduce to your family this holiday season and you’re secretly pining to find a senior mate before New Years. What are some positive constructive actions you can take?

Shop for a senior single while you are doing your holiday shopping!

I can already hear you now placing your order:

“I’d like a mate, single, available for a relationship, age range 53-61 years old….” Well, this is not that kind of shopping. This is more the considering what is out there and aiming to meet them easily!

We all know the holiday shopping season can be a madhouse.

Who hasn’t heard of some dreadful story of insane shoppers on the dreaded Black Friday shopping day? Perhaps you avoided the stores that whole Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

However, it is now safer to venture back out to the shopping malls and shop for a senior single mate at the same time you’re doing your holiday gift shopping for family and friends.

The holiday shopping season immediately provides you with a known and identified venue to answer the perennial question of senior singles, “Where are they?” You know where everyone is during the holiday shopping season. They’re out shopping at the malls!

What does that mean for you if you’re interested in finding a senior mate? Or perhaps you’re looking at least to ramp up your social life a bit with an eye tuned to eventually finding a senior special someone for you? It means it’s a good idea for you to go shopping at the mall. Do aim to be there.

However, don’t just go shopping with your head down, eyes focused on just your holidays shopping list.


“You increase your chances proactively to

finding a great mature mate for you this season.”

What can you do to maximize your opportunity? 

Before you even go outside your home, be sure to dress nicely to look attractive while shopping.

Who knows, you might meet another senior single and just decide spur of the moment to invite this person to enjoy a cup of coffee with you. “Gosh, I’ve been shopping for a while. I’d love to grab a cup of coffee and just get off of my feet for 30 minutes. Care to join me? My treat!”

Who could resist such a delectable invitation? And since it’s only for a short period of time, just a cup of coffee, and isn’t really even a “First Date,” everyone can feel good about saying, “Yes! That sounds irresistible. Let’s go!”

Additionally, do be sure to venture around through a number of the departments and stores at the mall while you are there, not just in the ones where you need to grab something.  Remember, you’re shopping for a single senior mate at the same time, so look about a bit and see who you see there at the mall.

Wandering around in an empty department would be a waste of your time. However, shopping and looking at retail items where there are some others your age could result in social engagement.

By dressing attractively, looking around for where other people already are and being open to being spontaneous, you turn up the dial on attracting a potential mate while certainly ratcheting up your social interaction time.

By doing so, you increase your chances proactively to finding a great mature mate for you this season. Wouldn’t that be the best gift of all?