Senior Men Stop Being Cheap On Dates

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Senior Men, Stop Being Cheap on Dates!

April Braswell
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Perennially beloved actress Betty White as Rose Nylund in the ’80s and ’90s classic TV show “Golden Girls” had a challenge with her senior boyfriend Miles.

Once he was retired and living on a fixed income, he started getting really cheap on dates. Not only did he act cheap, but he talked about it with her all the time.

Guys, a word to the wise here: Mature single women are repulsed by this behavior.

However, there is a way to do this and still attract her to you. Read on to discover how.

Doesn’t she seek a financially stable single guy?

Guys, I get it. Being thrifty might be one of your key character attributes. You might be wondering why this is such a problem. You’re likely thinking, “Doesn’t she want a man who’s wise with his money?”

Yes, she does. It’s just that in the mind of a woman, ladies feel how you treat them is how you think of them. When you’re always money conscious and talking about being cheap, she feels you’re treating her cheaply.

How to handle this wisely:

On your first handful of dates, let’s say at least the dates you go on for about the first month or so of dating as a senior couple, refrain from using any kind of coupon on your dates.

Really, you’re only saving a few bucks per date here. Clipped coupons, coupon apps and online offers only amount to around $20 after five to six weeks of using these on dates.

“Managing your money does not

necessitate a dropping of etiquette.”

Once you two are a senior couple and pass the six-week mark, you can start to let her see your using coupons periodically. She’ll be OK with it. However, as much as possible, aim to still be a gentleman.

She’s looking for you to act like a gentleman:

First, part of gentlemanly etiquette is phoning the restaurant where you’ll be dining and making a reservation.

When you make the reservation, tell them you have the coupon.  Some coupons you can simply give to the hostess station along with your card when you walk in.

Alternatively, a second option is during the meal, perhaps after you’ve ordered and you two are waiting for your food to arrive, go up to the maitre d’ station and present any physical coupon you have and your payment card.

Lastly, a third additional variation is when presented with the bill, go up to the front yourself with your coupon and pay there.

To be a gentleman and treat your lady genteelly is to take care of the meal’s money matters out of her sight. She is not to know precisely what the meal cost nor what you tip the server. That is your business and not hers.

Managing your money with wisdom does not necessitate a dropping of gracious etiquette. Doing this can help to make your special lady feel cherished and adored by you. By now in your mature relationship, that is indeed how you feel about her.

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