Summer Dating Tips For Single Seniors

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Summer Dating Tips for Single Seniors

April Braswell
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If you’re a senior single, I’ll bet one of the challenges you’re facing in your dating life is where to meet other quality singles.

As the weather warms up, you now have more opportunities and venues open to you where you can meet quality mature singles.

Some of the core attributes senior singles tell me they want in a mate is they have an active lifestyle and are interesting. You want a life partner whom you can have fun with. Boring would be the worst.

To meet those kinds of singles, you need to go find them out and about enjoying fun activities. As you go out and engage in these pursuits, you’ll casually meet them!

1. Street fairs.

Street fairs are often where the road is blocked off and booths, vendors and special food are featured.

Sometimes they have concerts throughout the day and interactive activities such as face painting, which you can also bring your grandchildren to.

You’ll find these both in big metropolitan cities as well as smaller suburban cities. Many of these also celebrate ethnic heritages.

2. Town fairs.

These other kinds of fairs might be those sponsored by your town, possibly a county-wide fair, or might be benefiting a local charity.

The difference with these kinds of fairs is they are much larger and often are over a few days. Attend every day if you can.

Often midlife singles will be there along with their grand kids, so check out the area where there are rides for young kids.

Just stroll on by periodically to see if and when other mature singles are in line for the ride. When they’re there, get in line and be casually chatty.


“The more people in attendance, the more

likely they will be other mature singles.”

3. Outdoor concerts.

During the summer months, cities sponsor outdoor public concerts. Often these venues are free and feature local cover bands.

Check the websites of the towns in your area, not just your town. Perhaps it’s your neighboring city which sponsors more concerts than your town.

Some of these are in the evenings and others are always on Sunday afternoons. Pack a picnic meal, bring a blanket and go early. Pack some finger food to share – something like quartered sandwiches or deviled eggs.

Look around and sit near at least one other mature person. After breaking the ice with those around you, offer them a sample of your food.

4. Shopping mall events.

The retail shopping centers usually sponsor special events because they want to draw the public into their malls to increase the number of shoppers.

These special events often have seasonal tie-ins. During the summertime, the malls are most likely to host special events over the holidays. Check their websites to see what events they have planned and put them on your calendar.

The more people who are in attendance, the more likely some of them will be other mature singles as well.

By the end of May, towns and cities are sponsoring a multitude of outdoor activities. Start looking in the calendar of events in your local newspaper. Many of them cite a feature of “Things to Do This Weekend.”

Additionally, look at the websites of your regional towns. You might even want to think about small weekend adventures You could pan small road trips where you drive a bit further than usual.

Daters, which warm weather activities appeal to you the most? Which ones are you going to participate in to meet other senior singles?

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