What Not To Talk About On A First Date

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What Not to Talk About On a First Date

April Braswell
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Before we cover what are some fun and engaging conversation topics for a first date for senior single women, let me first help you out with some clear instructions for one of the topics to avoid at your first meeting if you ever hope to develop your social life and go on more second dates.

Don’t share photos of your grandchildren.

Leave photographs of your grandchildren at home. Even if your date mentioned his frequent visits to see his son in Seattle and how he’s considering moving there to be closer to his son’s family and the grandchildren, leave the photographs of your grandchildren at home.

While we are on the topic of grandchildren, as much as possible, leave all reference to them and the activities you share with them out of your first date conversations. There’s a time and a place to introduce him to family.


“Focus on fostering alluring romantic chemistry

and some sizzle between the two of you.”

Why leave out your grandchildren on a first date?

You might be wondering why it’s so important to leave out references to your grandchildren with mature men on your first date. After all, you’re a mature woman and your grandchildren and family are an important part of your life.

Perhaps you devote a significant amount of your time with them, caring for your grand kids and spending more of your weekends with them.

You might almost feel that omitting them as a topic on a first date would be the same as lying to your senior date.

Allow me to assuage your fears. You are not lying on a first date by not divulging every specific detail about your personal life to a man you have only just met.

On a first date, you are aiming to see if there is sufficient in-person romantic chemistry and attraction to warrant a second date and possibly more.

Sharing about your grandchildren frames you as a “grandmother,” not as an alluring potential life partner or companion.

Leave that deeper level of sharing about yourself and your life for a later date when the two of you have mutually decided you want to pursue things further.

Aim to enjoy your first date.

Keep your intentions and focus on fostering alluring romantic chemistry and some sizzle between the two of you. You can do this overtly in how you dress.

Secondarily, you manage it covertly with the conversation topics you omit this evening. By doing so, you’ll enjoy more feelings of romance and flirtation. And those are bound to lead to more second dates and beyond!

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