6 Best Blogs For Single Parents

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6 Best Blogs for Single Parents

Hayley Matthews
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Being a single parent is tough, but the best blogs for single parents can make the journey a little easier. These blogs discuss the struggle of trying to meet someone while caring for your little ones. They talk about the insecurities, the challenges, and the joys of single parenthood. In short, they make single moms and dads everywhere feel less alone.

Our 6 best blogs for single parents not only make it easier to find a partner who meets all of your requirements and expectations, but these sites also create a community where singles can relate to each other’s stories and priorities.

Check out these blogs to ease your fear and find the one you’ve been looking for.

Single Parent Meet is both a blog and a dating site — combined. It’s a two-for-one deal. You can read stories posted by single parents, and you can actually get to know and build relationships by sending private messages. The active singles database is perfect for people who want to brush up on their flirting skills in a safe environment. With articles like “What If My Kid Doesn’t Like My New Boyfriend?” and others, Single Parent Meet is sure to always have an answer for you.

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URL: singleparentmeet.com

This single dad makes the most of his time on this earth and with his son. He thrives on anything comical, crazy or risky, and then he decides to write about it. His articles like “All Butt-Hurt About It” when he got injured at the Tough Mudder or “These Sweatpants. I Can’t Seem to Take Them Off” show how he is a little kid stuck in an adult body. Read more for some kickin’ entertainment.

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URL: danoah.com

Sometimes you need a little kick in the butt if you are dwelling on the past or second guessing yourself too much. Christina will make sure to knock some sense into you while also making you laugh with pieces like “Something About Armpits and the Proper Way to Break Up.” Dating doesn’t have to be completely harsh all the time.

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Twitter Handle: @cmajaski

URL: christinamajaski.com/blog/

Circle of Moms by POPSUGAR has created a community around motherhood — and it’s a beautiful thing. Single moms can find advice, support, friendship, and other helpful ideas here. Since 2008, the blog has given moms a space where they can talk about their families and get real about their needs, thoughts, and plans for the future. It’s a totally positive and unique corner of the web, and we think it’s brilliant.

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Twitter Handle:@CircleofMoms

URL: https://www.circleofmoms.com/

You hardly need to look at another blog again because Daily Plate of Crazy has everything to offer you. From health and sex, to parenting, fashion and even entertainment, this blog will keep you on your toes in every way.

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Twitter Handle: @BigLittleWolf

URL: dailyplateofcrazy.com

As a working single mother, this blogger share the ups and downs of trying to raise children in a positive way. She touches on the most important practices of parenting and helpful tips for engaging with children in any season of life. Through her pieces like “Holiday Parenting for Single Moms” and “5 Kids Books That Focus on Kindness,” there is advice for anyone and everything.

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Twitter Handle: @NiedriaKenny

URL: workingmother.com/blogs/super-single-mom

The Best Single Parent Blogs Keep It Real

When you’re a single mom, you face all sorts of challenges in your day-to-day life. From driving the kids to school all the way to making a healthful dinner and making them get to bed on time. It’s tough, and it helps to have people who have gone through those struggles and found solutions that work.

Single parents share tips and advice on popular blogs, but they also provide deep, loving support for people wondering if they’re going to be able to make it through. Whether you’re wondering how to date after divorce or trying to raise your kids to have health relationship values, you can’t always figure everything out on your own — and that’s what the blogosphere is for.

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