Are Dinner and Movie Dates Still OK?

Nick Slade
Nick Slade Updated:
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Dinner and a movie will never go out of style, whether it’s done at home, a restaurant or theater. Still, there are good reasons to expand your dating horizons if you want the relationship to blossom.

Conventional wisdom tells us that a movie does not give a couple the opportunity to relate to and talk to each other because they are paying attention to the movie. Of course, a nice dinner before or spending an hour or two together afterwards can take care of that problem — plus it can give a new couple something to talk about.

But a movie does not advance the bonding process of a relationship. It is best to plan most dates around the interests and activities of one or both of the parties involved. Seeing her favorite Monét exhibit at the art museum or taking her to meet your friends for a beer and a ballgame will get you more involved in each other’s lives, which is really the cement that binds two people together.

A movie you both want to see can make for a great date, but maybe start out by cooking dinner for her at your place instead of going to a restaurant. Just be sure to do some things that will allow you to become a real part of each other’s real life, too.