Top 5 Cheap Or Super Cheap Date Ideas

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5 Cheap (or Super Cheap) Date Ideas

Kara Pound
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Fellas, it’s the 21st century. But unfortunately for you, there are a lot of women out there who still feel like you should pick up the tab on a date. No matter if she did the asking, makes more money than you, or is an heiress to a hotel chain, the guy should at least be prepared to pay. So what do you do when your bank account is under $100 and your credit cards are maxed with student loans? Get creative!

Here are five free (or super cheap) date ideas men can do to impress a lady while keeping on a budget.

1. Get in touch with nature.

Borrow two kayaks from a friend and take to the ocean, marsh, river, pond, swimming pool . . . well, you get the point. Who doesn’t love nature? You can even impress your lady date with a few fun facts about the ecosystem you’re cruising.

2. Be creative.

Think of the most beautiful scenery in the town/city you live in — beach, park, quarry, plateau, hiking trail, ski mountain — and pack a picnic to share. You don’t have to spend a ton of money, just be creative. Make tomato and Gouda sandwiches, a quinoa salad and cookies and milk for dessert.


“Most woman are so impressed

with thoughtfulness.”

3. Go stargazing.

Borrow a telescope from a friend and take your date stargazing. Research areas nearby with good visibility, as well as the names of a few constellations, bring an inexpensive bottle of wine and you have the makings of a seriously romantic outing.

4. Volunteer.

One totally free and selfless idea is to volunteer together. Call your local soup kitchen or homeless shelter and set up a time to serve dinner to the residents. Since this isn’t the most glamorous suggestion, make sure to give your date a heads up that your night will be spent helping others. Also, tell her to leave the high heels and cocktail dress at home.

5. Visit the dog park.

If you’re both dog people, the dog park is a great place to spend some time and get to know each other. It’s not only completely free, but there must be something in a woman’s brain that makes her smile when surrounded by dozens of dogs running, barking and playing.

Of course, the possibilities for free or just super inexpensive dates are endless. Here are five to get you going. And guys, don’t forget, most woman are so impressed with thoughtfulness and sensitivity that they won’t care what the date cost.