Best Matchmakers In Australia Of 2024

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10 Best Matchmakers in Australia of 2024

Chloë Hylkema

Written by: Chloë Hylkema

Chloë Hylkema

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Online dating is certainly the most popular way to date nowadays, but it’s not the only way. Singles of diverse backgrounds are looking to matchmakers for professional assistance in their quest for love. And that’s what a matchmaker is — a dating pro who will help you navigate every part of dating (the tough ones included).

These matchmakers represent the best of what the Land Down Under has to offer in the matchmaking realm. Each professional and service comes with distinct experiences and dating approaches, meaning singles of many backgrounds and dating goals can find a service they truly like.

Robyn Nind | Maria Mirabela | Ashley Grant | Recel Tayor | Louanne Ward | Amanda Harrigan | Katherine Wei | Viola W. Steed | Vinko Anthony | Trudy Gilbert

Robyn Nind


Robyn Nind is a matchmaker, dating coach, and the director of Blue Label Life, one of the leading matchmaking agencies for singles in Sydney, Melbourne, and Canberra since 2005. Robyn is known for the infectious energy she brings to matchmaking and works with smart, savvy, and awesome singles who are looking for a partner. 

Robyn makes her clients feel comfortable and excited about the matchmaking process, which makes it easy for them to simply enjoy the journey. Blue Label Life works with men and women across New South Wales and Victoria. The typical Blue Life Label client is successful, busy, and ready for love, but just needs a professional like Robyn to help them find it.

Best for: New South Wales Singles

Maria Mirabela is the founder of the Mirabela Executive Dating Team, a matchmaking agency based in Sydney. Maria is the agency’s head matchmaker and CEO, and she takes a modern matchmaking approach to find her clients that old-fashioned, unconditional love they’re looking for. Maria has personally matched thousands of clients and boasts an impressive 85% success rate.

With her team of date coaches and personal stylists, Maria helps her clients with every angle of dating and romance. Mirabela serves men and women across Australia and is designed for working single professionals. Maria has seen firsthand the transformative power of true love and wants to bring that magical experience to each of the men and women she matches for. 

Best for: Professionals in Sydney

Ashley Grant is the founder and lead matchmaker at Encounter Dating, the hub for all things dating in several of Australia’s biggest cities. Encounter Dating hosts singles parties, speed dating events, wine tastings, and trivia nights to connect eligible singles in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth. Encounter Dating is focused on getting singles out and mingling in the real world, while making friends along the way.

Encounter Dating also offers matchmaking, and this is where a matchmaker like Ashley comes in. When singles choose matchmaking with Encounter Dating, a matchmaker will work diligently with them to learn about what they’re looking for in a partnership and then help them find it. Each Encounter Dating matchmaking match is made by real people with years of matchmaking expertise.

Best for: In-Person Dating Events

Recel Tayor is the lead matchmaker at Vital Partners, and she’s been making introductions across Australia since 1986. Recel and her team have decades of experience helping singles of varied backgrounds, including divorcees and widows. And they pride themselves on making highly personalized and hand picked first introductions. 

Recel works with singles who are ready for a long-term committed relationship. Over the past nearly four decades of matchmaking, Recel has had an over 80% success rate. Vital Partners has been in the matchmaking biz almost as long as the internet has existed, and the agency’s matchmakers have proved themselves to be tried-and-true professionals in making stellar offline introductions.

Best for: 30+ Years of Offline Introductions Experience

Louanne Ward is the matchmaker helping Australians find a partner who lights up their life. Louanne’s agency is based in Perth and keeps an extensive database of eligible singles across the country. Louanne’s database includes singles from diverse backgrounds, meaning her database really does have someone for everyone.

Louanne is a Master Certified Matchmaker and is well known as one of Australia’s leading dating experts. Matchmaking is at the heart of Louanne’s agency, but singles often need additional support along the way. Louanne also offers date coaching, personal styling, and makeovers for singles who are ready to transform their personal look and love lives. 

Best for: Singles in Perth

Amanda Harrigan and Linda Li are the co-founders of Hytch Private Search, one of Perth’s most exclusive and reputable matchmaking agencies. Born and raised in Perth, Amanda founded a relationship coaching business before entering the matchmaking business. Amanda’s background in coaching gives her the interpersonal skills to not only really get to know her clients but also develop a keen sense of what they’re looking for in love.

Hytch Private Search matches men, women, and LGBTQ+ singles. When a client chooses Amanda and her team, they’re choosing a matchmaker who knows one size doesn’t fit all and that each single needs a truly individual approach to finding love. Hytch provides additional support for matchmaking clients, including coaching and lifestyle consulting.

Best for: LGBTQ+ Inclusive Matchmaking

Katherine Wei is the lead matchmaker and founder of Contact AJ, Australia’s largest cross-cultural matchmaking service. Katherine boasts an over 90% success rate and has successfully connected hundreds of thousands of happy clients. Contact AJ has been matching couples for over 30 years and offers various memberships for singles.

Katherine values confidentiality and trust throughout her introductions process. She tailors her approach according to the needs of each client and focuses on making matches who are ready for long-term commitment. Katherine has a cross-cultural specialty that few other matchmakers have, so she’s the perfect choice for Australian singles interested in broadening their horizons. 

Best for: Cross-Cultural Matchmaking

Viola W. Steed has been a matchmaker for over four decades and leads the team at Solutions Matchmaking. Solutions Matchmaking is one of the most popular matchmaking agencies on Australia’s west coast and offers specialized services for many different kinds of singles, including recent empty nesters and divorcees. Viola’s approach has been perfected by years of experience in the industry.

Viola and her team understand that each client comes to them with a collection of past romantic and dating experiences. Many of Viola’s clients have tried their luck at online dating and found it to be not quite the right fit for them. Solutions Matchmaking takes a completely offline introductions approach, and relies on the professional instinct of Viola and her team to facilitate great first dates.

Best for: Western Australian Singles

Vinko Anthony is the matchmaker and founder of Beau Brummell Introductions, a leading matchmaking agency for gay men across the globe. Vinko and his partner, Andrea, founded the agency to help gay men find committed and loving partnerships. Vinko and Andrea’s own love story is the foundation and inspiration for Beau Brummell Introductions. 

Beau Brummell is based in Sydney and has offices in Melbourne and Brisbane. Vinko comes from a professional background in executive management and uses his strong interpersonal skills to build his database and make impeccable introductions. The agency is focused on making highly personalized introductions that take into account every aspect of what a client is looking for.

Best for: Gay Australian Singles

Trudy Gilbert is the lead matchmaker and founder of Elite Introductions. Established in 2005, Elite Introductions has become one of the most respected private introductions agencies for single professionals across Australia. Trudy and her team take a personalized approach for each client and maintain a robust nationwide database of eligible Australian singles.

Trudy is known as Australia’s Millionaire Matchmaker and recently published a tell-all book documenting her experience as an exclusive matchmaker, titled “49 Secrets of an Elite Matchmaker.” Elite Introductions works with successful and high-profile singles who are accomplished in their careers and looking for a special someone to enjoy life with. Trudy’s network is as high-quality as it gets, so singles will surely experience an amazing first introduction. 

Best for: High-Profile Professional Singles

Whether you’re looking for an exclusive service for professionals or you’re on the hunt for speed dating events, Australia is brimming with opportunities for connection and romance. With a matchmaker, it’s not only easier to take advantage of these opportunities but also to appreciate them for what they are. 

Dating isn’t always easy, and singles can become overly focused on the negative or tiresome elements and forget all the joyful and empowering moments. A matchmaker does more than introduce you to new people – they offer support for every step of the journey and can be an invaluable emotional resource to support you as you find your way in love.