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The 11 Best Relationship Therapists

Hayley Matthews
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The best relationship therapists offer clarity on a variety of tricky subjects and can help couples decide if they should stay together or call it quits.

Sometimes our relationships need a little extra TLC to function at their best, whether that’s sexually, emotionally, or some other kind of -ally.

For when we can’t figure it all out on our own, these 11 relationship therapists are there to help us heal and move forward.

Bragging Rights: known as “the libido expert”

Watson is a certified sex therapist as well as a couples counselor. Her goal is to help folks who have lost the fizz in their sex lives reignite it with a bang – literally. With quick wit and a relaxed manner, it’s easy to listen to her talk about a subject that can often make people uncomfortable.

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Twitter Handle: @AskLaurieWatson


Bragging Rights: worked on the Oprah Winfrey Network

Trained as a marriage and sex therapist, Creager spends a lot of his time helping couples create interactions that are both passionate and nourishing. His goal is to teach people how to bring out the best in themselves and others. He’s been doing a great job at just that for the past 28 years.

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Bragging Rights: has received 25 Emmy nominations

No matter which of your relationships could use some work, McGraw can help you out. He showcases real stories so you can see you’re not alone. Education is key when it comes to working out relationship dynamics, so he’ll teach you everything you need to know. With his help, you can have happy, healthy relationships.

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Bragging Rights: founded DC Counseling and Psychotherapy

LaMotte is all about improving relationships. Her couples therapy emphasizes different strategies for “reducing unproductive relational patterns,” enhancing intimacy and strengthening communication. Whatever your relationship is going through, she can help you address it and be better for it.

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Bragging Rights: authored “Chatting or Cheating”

Meyers is a licensed marriage and family therapist who focuses on infidelity. While most people feel this is an automatic end to a relationship, she shares how it is possible to actually make it better than ever after an affair. Her easy-to-apply methods are an inspiration.

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Bragging Rights: completed the Gottman Method Couples Therapy

As a marriage and family therapist, Campbell makes it her duty to enhance life’s relationships. She is both systematic and solution-oriented when it comes to helping you figure out how you will overcome your challenges. Her goal is for you to have the fullest life possible – with the best relationships.

Social Clout: 1,100+ Facebook likes; 1,130+ Twitter followers

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Bragging Rights: trains other therapists

This sex therapist knows how important relational change is, so she speaks around the world about it. She maintains a blog in which you can find her different thoughts on men and women, monogamy and sex. She also offers an abundance of resources so you can indulge in a bit of her knowledge for free.

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Bragging Rights: has had a private practice for 25 years

Sherman is a psychologist who specializes in relationship therapy, bringing awareness and authenticity to everything she does. She strongly believes most marriages can thrive and become “empowered relationships” if both parties show it attention. She’ll teach you how to do it.

Social Clout: 105+ Facebook likes; 5,230+ Twitter followers

Twitter Handle: @DrKarenSherman


Joe Kort


Bragging Rights: has 20 years of psychotherapy practice

Kort is a sex and sexual addiction therapist. He emphasizes communication exercises that allow couples to enhance their relationships. His specialties are gay affirmative psychotherapy, as well as IMAGO relationship therapy, so he is well-versed in all things regarding relationships and sex.

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Bragging Rights: has written 13 books

Not only is she CRO (chief romance officer) for and author of the Dr. Romance blog, but Tessina is also a psychotherapist who has been working with couples for more than 35 years. She is gentle and supportive while helping you learn how to handle the complexities of your relationship.

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Jane Greer


Bragging Rights: shows that “the doctor is always in”

Working as a marriage and family therapist, author, radio host, and sex expert, there is nothing Greer can’t do. She can help you work through the trials and celebrate the triumphs of your relationship — no matter what they are. With her several different call-in shows, you can always ask her what’s on your mind.

Social Clout: 465+ Facebook likes; 2,510+ Twitter followers

Twitter Handle: @DrJaneGreer


The Best Relationship Therapists Listen to You

There you have it. These top relationship therapists show up every day filled with compassion, understanding, and wisdom, and they help couples reignite the spark that made them fall in love in the first place.

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