How Pick Profile Pic Catch Her Attention

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How to Pick a Profile Pic to Catch Her Attention

Lauren Hostert
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Online dating profiles are complicated. It’s hard to balance being honest with oversharing, and finding the right profile picture is like picking an outfit for a first date that also lists all of your favorite books and movies.

Before you settle for that picture of your cat, here are a few tips to help you locate a picture to showcase all of your best sides.

1. It should be a picture of you.

More and more often, dating sites don’t allow you to put up a picture of something else. But if they do, avoid the temptation to pick that previously mentioned cat picture. Put up a picture of you as you currently look.

Even if you were an exceptionally cute toddler, or even if you did get an awesome tan that summer you worked at camp, choose a shot (flattering of course) that represents what you actually look like.

It’s understandable to want to show yourself in the best light, but remember the goal of online dating is an offline relationship. Meeting up for a first date 15 pounds heavier than what your profile picture depicts sets a bad precedent.

Everyone has things about their body they wish they could Photoshop away, but misrepresenting yourself on the Internet isn’t going to help you overcome insecurities in the long run.


“Online dating gives you an opportunity to

pick and choose what you reveal about yourself.”

2. Don’t do that crop thing.

While your beautiful face should be the focus of your profile picture, try to avoid choosing one where you have obviously cropped out a female friend or ex-girlfriend. Even if you did look extra dapper at her brother’s wedding, that splash of long blond hair in the corner of your artfully edited photo might turn some girls off.

Pick a picture where you’re standing by yourself, or at least far enough apart from the person next to you that their cheek isn’t smooshed against yours. It’s a little thing but keep in mind that girls viewing your profile have little information to go on.

It would be a shame to send her away with an easily rectified blunder.

3. Show off.

Use your profile picture to show off something unique about you. Got an interesting hobby? Snap a pic in front of your stamp collection or with a bottle of your home-brewed beer.

Are you a world traveler?  Show off that funky cafe you ate at in Prague or striking a pose in front of the Taj Mahal. After all, what could be more appropriate on a dating site than you standing in front of a giant testament to love?

Maybe even cuddle up with that cat we’ve been talking about. Online dating gives you an opportunity to pick and choose what you reveal about yourself, so highlight the good parts even if they’re not the most photogenic.