What Her Profile Picture Says About Her

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What Her Profile Picture Says About Her

Bethany Heinesh
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Internet dating

can be quite perplexing. On the one hand, surfing the Web for the woman of your dreams is easy and convenient. You’re able to sift through dozens of profiles at your leisure and gain vital information about someone right away.

Online dating gives you control over the fact-finding phase, which means you can get to know someone from a distance without investing a lot of time. This type of dating makes it easy to discard a woman when you know she isn’t right for you without ever having to hurt her feelings.

On the other hand, online dating can be frustrating and time consuming because most people lie on their online profiles, albeit about seemingly minor details. According to a study led by Catalina L. Toma, an assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, about 81 percent of people with online profiles misrepresent their height, weight or age.

Toma also reported that most women’s profile pictures are at least a year and a half old, which means the gal that catches your eye may actually look older or be heavier than she is leading you to believe.

Everyone knows presenting an attractive and alluring picture with your online profile is a must on the Internet dating scene. But keep in mind, each and every one of us is going to post the absolute best pictures we can come up with, especially women.

Women spend a ridiculous amount of time selecting photos to put online. They have to be taken in the right lighting, and we’re always going to choose pictures that make us look as skinny as possible.


“If her picture presents her as youthful

but her age says 34, think again.”

Here’s what you can learn about a woman from her profile picture.

All her photos look the same.

If a woman has her mouth closed in every single one of her pictures, especially her profile pic, she could be hiding something behind that sly smile.

If a woman only has online pictures that show her from the chest up, she’s got some junk in the trunk. Among all the insecurities we women struggle with, body image is number one.

We know men prefer women with hourglass figures, so we do everything we can to hide our thunder thighs and shameful stomachs. When women do not rock full body shots on their dating profile, it’s because they are hoping you’ll first fall for their charming personality and overlook the extra baggage when you finally meet up.

She’s overtly sexual.

Don’t be fooled gentlemen, there are plenty of women trolling dating sites looking for suckers. If she seems too good to be true, she is! Not every woman who signs up to a dating site is in it for the long haul. There are plenty of chicks out there looking for a one-night stand and nothing more.

Always be leery of the woman who flaunts the goods for free. Do you really want to date a woman who is openly flirtatious and shows her body to strangers?

Her picture doesn’t match her age.

And, finally, do the math. Women are not only guilty of lying about their age, they’re not above posting a picture taken on a beach of yesteryear. If her picture presents her as being vibrant and youthful but her age says she is 34, think again and do a double take.

She may actually be 38 and the picture was taken when she was 28, which could mean she’s packed on 20 pounds since then and aged like a raisin left in the sun.

Remember, everything you see online isn’t as it seems. Look at every picture with a hawk’s eye and don’t let anything get by you. Once you get beyond the initial stages of communication, it’s OK to cleverly ask about her online pictures.

You’d be surprised at how much information you can get early on. Women are usually willing to coyly admit their pictures are outdated or downright misleading, so do some prompting to get a real assessment of her physical appearance.