How To Pick Up Girls At A Bar

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How to Pick Up Girls at a Bar

Bethany Heinesh
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The law of averages not only applies to sales tactics. It also works in the confines of a dimly-lit bar with a dirty floor, which means if you talk to enough women in one night, eventually you will find one to go home with you.

Let’s entertain for a moment the rare chance that you are in a decent bar and you’ve happened upon a beautiful woman who seems halfway decent. You’re going to need to be prepared with the right skills that won’t result in you being completely ignored, slapped across the mouth or doused with a drink.

Here are five ways to pick up a woman in a bar that actually work. Study these and practice them at home, just in case you run into that rare breed of the female persuasion who isn’t psychotic and will even give you the time of day.

1. Send her a drink.

This is a classic. Don’t go over and ask her if you can buy her a drink. Ask the waitress to bring her a round of whatever she’s having and make sure she tells her it’s from you. Tip the waitress well and ask her to put in a good word for you. When the woman looks to see who sent the drink over, hold your drink in the air as if to say “cheers!” Chances are, she will come over to thank you and introduce herself.

2. Meet her at the jukebox.

If she’s selecting music all by her lonesome, go over and strike up some clever conversation.

“Hi, I’m Johnny and I’m the music police. I need to know what kind of music you plan to play for me so I can tell you if you’ve made a good choice. By the way, let me pay for those tunes. Even if they suck, it was worth a couple of bucks if you’ll tell me your name.”

Don’t be arrogant or condescending. Be borderline goofy and innocent so you don’t scare her off.


“You can always take the straightforward

approach and get right down to business.”

3. Invite her to play a game.

Whether it’s pool, darts or a video game, this is a great conversation starter, and it creates a situation that will bring you into a close proximity with her. Plus, it offers a buffer that won’t require constant interpersonal communication so she can safely figure out if you’re a psycho killer.

4. Cheesy pickup lines are a favorite.

It might seem lame to walk up to a stranger and ask her if she’s tired from running through your mind all night, but these outlandish one-liners usually work. Unless she’s a total stick in the mud, they usually result in at least a giggle and probably a phone number before the night is over.

5. Ask her to dance.

If the bar you’re visiting has a dance floor, ask that girl to take a few twirls with you during your favorite slow song. Guys don’t do this much anymore, and most women love to dance with a good-looking guy. It’s an ego boost and it’s fun.

Of course, if none of these seem suitable, you can always take the straightforward approach and get right down to business. Stroll right on over, introduce yourself, and stick out your hand for a firm handshake. Tell her you think she’s beautiful and you’d like to talk with her, if that’s OK. Sometimes this simple greeting goes a long way.