Whats The Top Pickup Line And Why You Should Learn It

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The Best Pickup Line and Why You Should Learn It

Sam Stieler
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Pickup lines have a bad reputation and with good reason. Not only have men come up with some of the most obnoxious, bizarre or downright mean-spirited icebreakers in existence, but the best pickup lines were created for no other purpose than to provide a “slick” opening move in a selfish, insincere game.

Yet despite their unfavorable reputation, pickup lines persist and will continue to be used for the foreseeable future.

There are two ways to look at the seemingly immortal nature of these lines. Either men only continue to use them due to a peculiar psychological tick written into the Y chromosome, or pickup lines may offer some glimmer of value hidden deep within these often tasteless gambits.

Can pickup lines be rehabilitated, and if so, what are some good pickup lines you can use without feeling totally sleazy?

The hidden value of pickup lines.

Think about what you feel when you see an attractive woman. The second she catches your eye, you feel a mixture of emotions that pull you in opposite directions. On the one hand, you want to run to this woman, and on the other, you want to run away from her.

On the one hand, you feel an incredible surge of energy, and on the other, you feel totally paralyzed and unable to walk towards her. On the one hand, you want to speak with her, and on the other, you have no idea what you could possibly have to say.


“By changing our understanding of why pickup lines matter,

we change our whole perception of what a pickup line actually is.”

When a man sees an attractive woman, he not only needs to find his way through this war of competing impulses. He also needs to think up something to say to this woman in order to open up a conversation with her. More often than not, all of these different emotions, hormonal surges and failed attempts at competent cognition result in men doing absolutely nothing, standing still without making a move until the opportunity passes them by.

And this is where good pickup lines come into play. A good pickup line doesn’t have to be sleazy or cheesy. It simply needs to be a short, simple script you can repeat without thinking when you see a woman you want to speak with.

Learning a good pickup line is nothing more than hardwiring an automatic process, giving you something to do the next time you see an attractive woman you want to meet, something that you won’t have to think about and whose clarity cuts through all of those unconscious reactions holding you back.

A pickup line to try out.

By changing our understanding of why pickup lines matter, we change our whole perception of what a “pickup line” actually is. A pickup line isn’t a lounge-lizard quip or thinly-veiled insult. A pickup line is something to say that you don’t need to think about and gets you moving, talking and starting the rudiments of a conversation. With that in mind, the best pickup line of all time may be no more complicated than simply saying, “Hi, my name is… What’s your name?”