How To Drive Your Girlfriend Crazy And Not In A Good Way

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How to Drive Your Girlfriend Crazy – and Not in a Good Way

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Guys, it’s time you heard the truth. As much as your girlfriend says she loves you, there are still a million things you do that she can’t stand. If you really want to drive your woman crazy, here are three surefire ways to do it. However, if you want to improve your relationship, there are some tips and solutions for those annoying habits.

1. Don’t communicate.

Most men prefer to avoid having long, meaningful talks, and most women tend to bring up those long, meaningful talks right when the game starts. When she has something important to talk about and the Gators are playing Alabama, take a second from the game to ask her nicely to continue the conversation during commercials or halftime as a way to compromise. Make sure you get the point across that you understand how she’s feeling and you want to find a solution, too.

If the issue is about a fight from the other day, then she should be willing to put it off for a few hours. But make sure you respond to her. Completely shutting down when your girlfriend is trying to have a serious conversation with you won’t get your attention back to the game any sooner. Listen to what she has to say. If it’s a day with no game and she just needs to vent, don’t interrupt or tell her what she should do. She just needs someone to understand where she’s coming from.


“As much as your habits drive her

crazy, hers drive you just as crazy.”

2. Don’t clean up after yourself.

Most of the time your girlfriend doesn’t mind doing nice things for you like washing your clothes or walking your dog. But kindness can eventually turn into resentment if it looks like you are taking advantage of her generosity. It’s easy to get in a comfort zone and let her do everything for you, but start making an effort to help her out more. Offer to put the dishes away or wipe off the counter after you make a sandwich. You’ve heard this so many times but helping out also includes remembering to put the toilet seat down. If you spend a lot of time at her place, it’s especially important to respect her space. Simple changes will show her you are thinking of her needs.

3. Don’t be decisive.

At the beginning of most relationships, men do a lot of the date planning. You ask her out, decide where to take her and typically initiate the second date. But as relationships progress, comfort sets in and guys tend to slack on those special nights together. Yes, it takes two to keep the spice going in your dating life. But if she asks, “What do you want to do tonight?” and your response every time is, “I don’t know. What do you want to do?” then it’s time to step it up. Women don’t want to make every decision. If she picks which restaurant to eat at that night, then you pick the after dinner activity or which movie you see.

Women can be confusing — one minute we want to coddle our men and the next we want to chew them out for leaving their shoes laying around. And as much as your habits drive her crazy, hers drive you just as crazy. That’s the thing about relationships. You have to accept her annoying habits and compromise on yours. Run through a typical weekend in your mind to see if there are areas you can improve on. After all, a happy girlfriend means a happier boyfriend.