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How to Use Social Media to Meet Women

Sam Stieler
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Social media websites like Facebook are a gift and a curse. They allow us to notice, meet and connect with a vast number of new people, but they also offer a massive time sink when we leave our browsing time unchecked.

There are few things easier than spending HOURS doing nothing but jumping around profiles, especially profiles of cute girls, and especially when they are cute girls you don’t know.

There’s only one way to turn this time-wasting habit into a productive addition to your dating life — you need to start getting to know all those attractive girls and maybe even ask them out!

Here’s how:

Look in your social circle.

It’s possible to meet girls on Facebook or Twitter who are total strangers, but it’s much easier to meet girls who are only one or two degrees removed from you.

The easiest way to do this is to go through the friends lists of your friends and scroll through until you see an attractive girl.

You can find these attractive girls on anyone’s friends list, but you’ll save yourself a lot of time if you search through the right person’s social circle.

Basically you want to think of which of your female friends you find most attractive, and then you want to search through her digital social circle. After all, like attracts like and good looking girls often know a whole lot of other good looking girls.

However, there’s a catch. Every attractive stranger you message is going to ask your friend about you. To properly handle this situation, you need to pick a female friend who is either:

  1. A good friend of yours.
  2. Someone who at the least has a positive impression of you.
  3. Someone you don’t really know at all or whom you can’t remember how you became social media friends.

As long as you avoid messaging within the social circle of a girl who actively dislikes or distrusts you, then you’ll be fine.


“Once you start messaging, it’s a clear shot

to learning if you want to get to know her better.”

Forming a bond.

There are a couple different ways you can approach getting to know this girl.

  1. You can just send her a friend request without any message.
  2. You can send her a message and break the ice.

If you decide to just friend request her, then you need to subtly start becoming part of her social media life. Start by “liking” her posts, as this is noncommittal and casual, and after a week or two move up to actually commenting on her posts, and then eventually send her a message.

Sending her a message right off the bat is bolder and often leads to faster results, but it can be trickier. Basically you want to come up with a reason why you’re messaging her.

You can explain to her you saw her on your buddy’s friends list and thought she was attractive, you can send a totally casual “Hey, what’s up?” or you can openly lie.

I actually recommend the open lie. Send her a question like “Hey, didn’t we meet at X location (generally a bar or club) the other night?”

I know this sounds sketchy, but the girl will know it’s obvious bull and either play along or playfully call you out on it, so don’t feel bad about your ridiculously clear deception.

If she isn’t interested at all, she won’t respond, but if she is interested, it doesn’t really matter how you made contact.

From there, once you start messaging with this girl, it’s a clear shot to learning if she’s someone you want to get to know better and maybe meet in the real world.

Following this progression, social media can offer you a tremendous avenue for meeting new attractive women.