Is it OK to Take a New Date to a Spot You Went to with an Ex?

Nick Slade
Nick Slade Updated:
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Every date should be unique and fresh if you want to make it special. You can’t avoid every night club or restaurant you ever went to with a previous girlfriend, but you do need to avoid sliding a new girl into the exact same slot your ex once filled.

If everything is the same except the girl, then you might be reliving your former life and missing out on the special qualities of your new girlfriend.

Make it a point to not take all of your ladies to the same place for a first date. Start each new girl out with something new and different. Your life has changed and your girlfriend has changed, so your routine has to change as well.

You don’t want to run into your ex when you’re with your new lady and have the ex ask her, “So, did he take you to the Olive Garden on your first date, share your first kiss by the statue in the park, and then make love to you in his old tree house behind his dad’s house?” If she nailed it, you’re screwed.

It’s really not so much the particular places you end up going, but it’s the routines you need to avoid. Make each date as special and unique as the girl you are with.