I’ve Started Online Dating. Do Men Get Better Results with This Option?

Gina Stewart
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Reader Question:

I have recently entered the world of online dating. So far, the experience has been frustrating to say the least. Rather than give up, I have hired a dating coach.

In your experience, have you seen men get better results with this option, or am I wasting my money?

-Rich (Canada)

Gina Stewart’s Answer:

One of my favorite quotes is “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.”

If what you’re doing isn’t yielding dates/relationships, you have to make a change to see if you can get a new result. Hiring a dating coach is a great proactive move to change your dating life.

Think of your dating search like a job search. You can do it on your own, but there are people who have developed specific knowledge on making impactful resumes, how to ace interviews and know what companies are looking for in certain positions.

Smart job searchers use these headhunters all the time. Doesn’t it make sense for smart daters to hire people who know how to help you stand out in the dating pool?

Ultimately the proof is in the pudding with your dating coach, and if they are good, you will learn all kinds of things. It’s definitely worth the shot.

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