We Live in Separate Cities. What Should I Say?

Gina Stewart
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Reader Question:

I really like this girl. We live in two separate cities, which makes it difficult for me to really court her how I’d like to.

She hit me with the following text message and it came out of nowhere, which is why it confused me. The text in its entirety said “Haha, I can’t wait to move away. Nothing is keeping me here.”

In context, she was laughing at the prior text, and after the “haha,” it was completely random.

What do I say to her?

-Cam (Kentucky)

Gina Stewart’s Answer:

That’s a promising sign. Long-distance relationships are difficult to make work from the get-go.

You can ask her if she has any plans of where she might like to go and what she wants to do. Ask her if she ever thought about moving to your city and why it’s awesome.

Just be careful of selling her to move to your city just for you. If your relationship doesn’t pan out, it would be horrible for her to have you as her only reason for going there.

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