When Should I Invite a Date to My House?

Kara Pound
Kara Pound Updated:
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Inviting someone into your home (a.k.a. your space or comfort zone) shouldn’t be extended to just anyone. When you have a woman over to your house, you’re opening up to her. You’re asking her to get to know you better. Being in your home gives her the opportunity to see:

  • Do you have roommates?
  • Does it look like your mom decorated your place?
  • What kind of products or cleaning supplies do you use?
  • Are your sheets clean?
  • What’s in your refrigerator?

You’ll know it’s the right time to invite a date over to your abode when you’re ready for her to get to know those things about you. If you’re an open book, then by all means, invite away! If you prefer to keep aspects of yourself private, then wait until the fifth date or so to have a new gal invade the man cave. Just remember, there’s no turning back. If she sees that you own two dozen bottles of cologne and every exercise machine on the market — there’s no turning back the clock. You’ve opened up Pandora’s Box.