8 Questions That Will Save You From Ending Up Miserable And Alone

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8 Questions That Will Save You from Ending Up Miserable and Alone

Susie & Otto Collins
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Lurking at the back of a single person’s mind is a nagging worry. For those who truly aren’t looking for a relationship, this doesn’t apply.

But for anyone who wants to be in a fabulous and satisfying love relationship or marriage…and isn’t…it can be frequent and unwanted.

This worry creeps up when your co-worker announces her engagement. It taunts you in the night when you’re trying to sleep.

It rears its head when you spend (another) Saturday night at home watching sappy movies by yourself.

The worry you will end up miserable and all alone can be crippling, if you let it.

It’s understandable for you to be concerned if you haven’t met “The One” yet.

If you’re craving passion and connection with another and you don’t have a clue whether or not you’ll ever have that, it can be sad, stressful and upsetting.

Don’t let worries bring you down! Ask yourself these eight questions to shift from fear to ready and open for love…

1. “What do I really want?”

Have you ever stopped to find out what you actually do want in a relationship? Be clear and have fun compiling your “must have” list.

2. “What do I keep repeating?”

If it seems you attract the same dates who are SO wrong for you, get curious about your own patterns. What do you continue to do that brings unwanted results?

3. “What am I holding onto?”

Nobody wants to revisit the painful past, but it’s necessary. Heal what still hurts from old relationships and your childhood to be free for love.


“When you are living your passion, more

love and passion will easily come to you.”

4. “Which habits hold me back?”

Identify which of your habits prevent you from living the life you desire. If you’re insecure, take the time to change and strengthen your self-esteem.

5. “Which habits propel me forward?”

Be sure to also acknowledge which habits benefit you. Figure out what helps you feel confident and focused and do more of those things on a regular basis.

6. “How do I show up?”

Expand your self-observations and notice the way you show up in your life. Is it hesitantly, aggressively or confidently?

7. “What am I willing to change?”

Take what you’ve observed about your dating habits and your thinking and ask yourself what you’re seriously willing to commit to changing.

Focus on one doable change at a time for success.

8. “What do I love?”

Our biggest advice for attracting love is to relax and be your best self. Discover what you love to do and go do it.

When you are living your passion, more love and passion will easily come to you.

What will you do to attract love?

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