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Beducated Is A Pleasure-Based Sex Education Platform That’s Transforming Couples’ Sex Lives

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The Short Version: Beducated is empowering singles and couples with shame-free, pleasure-based sex education. Mariah Freya and her husband, Philipp Steinweber, founded the platform in 2018. Beducated’s mission is to provide expert-backed, educational, and safe content for anyone interested in learning more about their sexual selves. The platform, which features over 100 sex education courses, released an AI Sex Coach in 2023. Beducated’s AI Sex Coach uses artificial intelligence to help folks learn about sex and pleasure.

Most people are familiar with sex ed in one capacity or another. Whether it was an awkward middle school class or a part of a college course, most Americans have come into contact with sex education. Most of the time, when people hear the term sex education, they think of anatomy charts, STD infographics, and contraceptive options. 

But there’s a whole other side to sex education. Pleasure-based sex education is a kind of sex ed that focuses on the pleasure and enjoyment that can be found in sex. It takes a more holistic approach than more traditional forms of sex ed, focusing on more than reproduction and risk prevention. It’s a comprehensive way of learning about sex, sexuality, and sexual health.

Beducated is a digital platform that provides educational content about sex. The platform features over 100 online courses and thousands of lessons from the world’s top sexual health experts, plus an AI Sex Coach. With Beducated, couples can discover mind-blowing sex, improved confidence, and better communication. The platform is a safe space for everyone, regardless of relationship status, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

beducated logo
Beducated is a online platform that offers expert-backed, pleasure-based sex education.

Mariah Freya and her husband, Philipp Steinweber, founded Beducated in 2018. They had experienced a fizzling-out in their sex life and found the information they read on the internet to be scarce and questionable. Mariah told us about Beducated and their mission to make pleasure-based sex education accessible.

“Beducated is basically sex education Netflix,” Mariah said. “It’s a platform for anyone who’s interested in learning more about their sex life, whether that’s from learning a specific skill, like oral sex, or learning how to date.” 

Founders’ Story Proves It’s Never Too Late for Great Sex

When Mariah and Phil founded Beducated in 2018, it had been a long time coming. “The main motivation for me was my own personal journey of being clueless about how things work in the bedroom,” Mariah said. She and Phil have been together since 2007, but their sex life wasn’t always perfect. 

They hit a particularly rough spot and decided to do something about it. Through their journey through self-development and sex education, they realized that sexual happiness is trainable. With the proper guidance, everyone can experience the sexual pleasure and happiness they deserve.

As they were going on their journey, they found that much of the information available online was unreliable. Good information was abundant, but it was hard to find all in one place. Sexual wellness-based communities often had many resources but were just as often closed groups.

beducated co-founders
Co-founders and lovers Philipp and Mariah have a passion for making pleasure-based sex ed accessible.

Mariah and Phil attended many workshops and events during their journey to sexual happiness. But it wasn’t lost on both of them that not everyone has the resources to spend a weekend at a sexual health event. They envisioned a platform that could be accessed by any adult with internet access who wanted to improve their sex lives.

Mariah wanted to make great educational resources about sex as accessible as possible. She decided to curate expert-informed materials from nearly every category imaginable, from info about tantra to tips for penis-havers.

Before she co-founded Beducated, Mariah was a social worker. She told us her previous career heavily informed her mission with the platform. “I’m originally a social worker. So I was always thinking about ways to empower individuals. And Beducated was, for me, the best way to do that,” Mariah said.

Beducated is Shame-Free, Educational, and Safe

Beducated helps people learn how to have better sex. They offer a unique selection of over 100 courses and thousands of lessons, all backed by sex and sexual health experts. Beducated has resources for all ages, genders, gender identities, and sexual orientations. The platform strives to be inclusive, safe, and affirming.

Couples and singles interested in learning more about sexual happiness can try a one-day free trial on Beducated. In the couples category, users will find information about blowjobs, cunnilingus, and erotic massage

The course on blowjobs focuses on making blowjobs fun for everybody involved. The modules in this course include nine techniques for giving oral, why breathing is important while giving blowjobs, and how to practice oral sex. The course on cunnilingus follows a similar format, focusing on specialized tips for pleasing vulva-havers and keeping communication open.

Beducated also has courses about libido and desire. The course on mismatched sex drives helps couples understand why their sex drives are mismatched and how to handle the imbalance. The course helps couples reignite intimacy and come up with practical solutions. 

beducated screenshots
Regardless of what topic a person is curious about, Beducated has information and resources.

Sabrina Baldini leads the course on mismatched sex drives. She is one member of Beducated’s diverse team of sex coaches and experts. Sabrina is a Sex Educator and Sex Coach with a varied background in sex education.

LGBTQ+ folks can find resources in Beducated’s LGBTQ+ category. While many categories contain pertinent information for LGBTQ+ people, this is a curated category that focuses specifically on the queer community. Articles in this category include an article about squirting, gay pleasure, and dealing with erectile dysfunction.

All of Beducated’s resources are focused on increasing sexual pleasure and empowering people to have better sex lives. If someone has a question about something sex-related, the odds are that Beducated will have an affirming and well-informed answer.

AI Sex Coach Provides Insights Into Intimacy

Beducated is harnessing the power of artificial intelligence in its mission to help people have better sex. The platform’s AI Sex Coach uses all of the information in Beducated’s library and is free for anyone with an internet connection. The AI is part of Beducated’s continued mission to democratize sex education resources.

Users can ask the AI Sex Coach their most burning questions. They can ask about the G-spot, kinks, and how to communicate better in bed. If it has to do with having sex, AI Sex Coach can lend a helping hand. Mariah and Phil first realized how powerful AI could be for their business when they tried to find easy ways to navigate Beducated’s extensive library.

AI sex coach
Beducated’s AI Sex Coach makes expert sex advice and facts available for anyone with access to the internet.

When they witnessed how useful AI could be for that purpose, they wondered what else it could do. The AI Sex Coach combines the language abilities of ChatGPT with a wealth of sex knowledge. “It can be hard to get specific information just by Googling,” Mariah told us. “AI Sex Coach can give nuanced and specific answers.”

When users ask chatbots like ChatGPT about sexual health, they’ll often receive a content warning before they receive answers. While this feature is understandable, Beducated has eliminated it in their AI Sex Coach. Beducated feels this content advisory warning discourages people from being curious about sex and sexual health, for fear of adverse consequences.

Beducated’s AI Sex Coach was launched in August 2023, and Mariah told us it is still in its experimental stages. Beducated continues to find ways to make pleasure-based sex education accessible and understandable for adults who want to learn more. They take the stance that there should be no shame around something so common in the human experience.

“For us, it’s really all about sexual happiness. The World Health Organization says sexual health is a core part of personal health. So if we neglect sexual wellness, we’re neglecting a very important part of ourselves, not only our emotional and mental health, but also our physical help,” Mariah said.