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Blog “Friday We’re in Love” Gives Couples Ideas for Creative Date Nights

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Discuss This! Discuss This!

The Short Version: “Friday We’re in Love” is a dating and family blog created by Camille Whiting. The blog promotes a vast array of fun, simple, and wholesome date night ideas, along with many parenting and relationship resources. Camille shares her experience as a woman who has struggled with traumatic experiences and has found peace, joy, and true connection on the other side. “Friday We’re in Love” is an incredible resource for couples at any relationship stage.

Dating burnout is real, and monotonous dates can wear people out faster. Most daters would agree there are only so many times they can grab dinner and catch a movie before they become bored with the tedious routine of it all. Eventually, the classic date outing becomes less like an event to look forward to, and more like one that evokes the thought “I have to do this again?”

Adding variety to the date night idea pool is essential from the early stages of dating all the way through years of marriage. Continuing to go on dates when you’re in an established partnership gives couples dedicated time together and is known to be beneficial for the relationship.

friday we're in love logo
“Friday We’re in Love” is a dating, relationship, and family blog written by Camille Whiting.

Planning and executing intentional and unique date nights can strengthen a relationship and be a fun experience, no matter where couples are on their journey. But coming up with date ideas can be difficult, especially if a couple is stuck in a date rut.

woman sitting on floor smiling at camera
Camille documents everything she’s learned about marriage and parenting on her blog.

Camille Whiting created the blog “Friday We’re in Love” to cover everything from outside-the-box date night ideas to convenient parenting tips. Camille writes from the perspective of her many life experiences, including marital abuse, a healing journey, divorce, remarriage, infertility, parenting, and finding her inner strength.

Camille’s tips, tricks, and ideas can help daters who are stuck in a tired routine of boring date nights (or even worse – no date nights) enjoy nights out together they will love. We talked to Camille about the motivation behind her blog and her advice for folks trying to reincorporate dating into their lives. “Our date ideas are perfect for couples looking for something wholesome and bonding to do together,” Camille said.

Love Comes When It’s Least Expected

Camille describes her journey to true love as something right out of a movie. She had married a man during her senior year of college, and throughout the beginning of the marriage, she watched him change in troublesome ways. He became abusive, but, despite the abuse, Camille was dedicated to making her marriage work. The deception and traumatic experiences eventually became too much to bear, and she left her marriage.

camille and jacob embracing and smiling
Camille met her husband Jacob when she least expected to find love.

Camille was heartbroken and emotionally wounded. “I really didn’t believe in love anymore,” Camille said. “I was like, ‘I’m out! I’m done!’” She took a dating sabbatical, was accepted into an MBA program, and began healing from the trauma her abusive ex-husband had caused. She decided to take a turn in her life and focus on her education and career.

But just as the adage says, love comes when it’s least expected. Just as she began her MBA program, she met her future husband, Jacob. She described him as “cute in that awkward engineer way,” and since the beginning of their relationship, the couple promised each other they would go on weekly dates. Camille told us Jacob showed her the true nature of love and renewed her belief in a healthy and uplifting marriage.

After getting married, the couple became parents and Camille launched her online platform, “Friday We’re in Love,” inspired by her and her husband’s promise to each other to go on regular dates. She wanted to share the list of fun, easy, and wholesome dates she and her husband had enjoyed together. A couple of months after she launched her blog, Pinterest broke onto the scene, and her date ideas started garnering viral attention.

graphic showing different date idea categories
“Friday We’re in Love” offers countless date ideas, for everything from special occasions to simple at-home dates.

Since then, “Friday We’re in Love” has developed into an expansive library of diverse date ideas, insightful family and marriage resources, and authentic blog posts that share Camille and her family’s experiences. She shares parenting resources for every stage, including resources for couples struggling with infertility, couples in the midst of pregnancy, and couples with children.

Beyond Dinner and a Movie

“Friday We’re in Love” features thousands of date ideas, many of which have been tested and approved by Camille and Jacob. One of the site’s coolest features is its date night filter function, which allows visitors to find date ideas by category, price, location, and season. This function makes it easy to find dates that are attainable, no matter where a couple lives.

woman and man hold chalkboard that says 101 date ideas
101 Date Night Ideas gives readers an extensive list of date options.

101 Date Night Ideas is a comprehensive list of activities and outings couples can keep in their back pocket when they need an idea for date night. Ideas include weekend camping trips, roller-skating, batting cages, and an at-home board game night. Camille marked all low-cost date ideas with an asterisk to make it easy for couples on a budget to find a meaningful date idea.

It’s always a good idea to mix it up when it comes to date nights to avoid that dreaded monotony. “Friday We’re in Love” features many ideas for themed date nights according to seasons and holidays. Camille suggests hot chocolate and caroling dates for Christmas, horror movies and pumpkin carving for the Halloween season, and cooking and dancing classes for Valentine’s Day.

family at baseball game
Camille includes plenty of ideas for dates with the whole family.

The blog is easy to navigate and aims to make date nights as accessible as possible. Couples who want a weekly list of fresh and exciting date ideas can sign up for Beyond Dinner and a Movie. This service gives couples printable date night idea sheets, including creative, free, and at-home suggestions for a romantic date night.

When it comes to family outing ideas, “Friday We’re in Love” doesn’t disappoint. Camille has compiled a long list of ideas for family dates, including free things to do with kids during the summer and how to make the most of a trip to a children’s museum. These resources are particularly helpful for couples who have kids and may not always be able to find a babysitter. 

camille holding summer plans binder
Camp Mom ensures parents can keep their cool through the long summer months.

For parents at home with their kids throughout the summer, the Camp Mom Series is a wonderful resource for keeping children engaged and away from screens during the long summer months. Camp Mom brings summer camp into the home with dozens of ideas for indoor and outdoor activities. Moms who are looking for activities and ideas similar to the Camp Mom Series can check out Camille’s Fun Mom Email resources, which deliver family activity ideas, tips to save money, and ways to be a cool mom right to subscribers’ inboxes.

More Than Just Friday

Beyond the abundance of “Friday We’re in Love” resources concerning parenting and dating, the blog also offers ideas for gift-giving, cooking, fashion, and health. Camille’s gift-giving resources include Father’s Day gift ideas, lists of the best deals on Amazon, and tips for making the perfect adult Easter basket. She also highlights her favorite small business and gift ideas for kids of nearly every age.

rainbow pancakes
Rainbow pancakes are just one of the many kid-friendly recipes from “Friday We’re in Love.”

The blog provides tons of recipe ideas, including kid-friendly recipes that are unique and fun. Think along the lines of child-pleasing bruschetta, rainbow pancakes, and quick homemade pizza dough. During the holidays, families can discover seasonal recipes, including Halloween stuffed peppers and Christmas-themed puppy chow. 

Camille’s fashion resources are perfect for women looking for new outfit ideas to ignite date night. She also offers resources for stylish church looks, maternity clothing, and costume ideas. Camille takes a modest approach to fashion that’s affordable but not at the expense of good style.

“Friday We’re in Love” approaches fitness and health in a way that’s accessible, especially for busy couples with kids. Health and fitness resources include active date ideas and healthy yet effective weight-loss tips. Camille and Jacob completed the Phoenix marathon in 2014 and share their experience training for and running the race. They trained together, and both look back fondly on those hours they spent running side-by-side.

camille and her husband with their child
Camille writes from the perspective of a woman, wife, and mother as she creates content for “Friday We’re in Love.”

Any couple, whether they’re dating or married, childless or busy keeping up with a young gaggle,  can find an appealing date idea on “Friday We’re in Love.” Going on dates doesn’t have to be an expensive hassle. Instead, it should be a sought-after respite for busy folks to reconnect with their partner and experience new things together. “I started the blog to put all my date night ideas in one place,” Camille said. “Now, here we are, 12 years later, and I still think it’s so cool I get to do this every day.”