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BYOB: Building Your Online Brand for Dating

Adrienne Longhurst
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Much like a new business trying to attract clients, people looking for love online need to find a way to set themselves apart from the competition to have the best possible chance at success. Building your online brand is a must if you want to have the best go at online dating and up your odds of finding what you’re looking for.

Try these three tips to help you create a profile that shows you in your best possible light and makes your profile so irresistible that men won’t be able to help but want to get to know you better.

Post an awesome photo.  

Yeah, yeah, you want to be loved for you and not what you look like, blah, blah, blah. The reality is, dating profile pictures get the most hits, and the more hits you get, the better chance Mr. Right is one of them. The simple fact is that a guy will click when he sees something he likes, so get a friend to play photographer, put on some lipstick, and start smiling for the camera. Think effortless sexy, genuine and approachable. Harsh, overt and downright scary won’t cut it here.

Avoid online dating cliches and keep it real.

Even if you do enjoy long walks on the beach and fine dining, you don’t need to express it that way. You want to show as much of your personality as possible in your profile, so write exactly the way you speak in order to give a guy a good sense of what you’re about.

Instead of saying, “I enjoy fine dining and walks on the beach,” why not say, “I may not be a burger and fries girl, but I do love an impromptu road trip to a great restaurant on the coast.”

Be honest and easy.

I’m not saying you should let the verbal diarrhea flow and tell him every last detail about yourself before you’ve even met or be a “yes girl” and sleep with him on the first date. What you want to do is be honest about who you are and what you’re looking for without being so rigid that you limit yourself and scare off men who don’t meet your strict list of requirements.

The goal is to get what you want, and you’re more likely to do so if you are easy to communicate with and don’t appear stuck up.

Keep these things in mind when creating your dating profile and you’ll be fighting ‘em off with a virtual stick!