Dressarte Paris Is A One Stop Wedding Planning Shop For Any Bride To Be

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From Custom Dresses to Destination Planning, Dressarte Paris Is a One-Stop Wedding Shop

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Jordan Sprogis

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The Short Version: Getting married ranks as the seventh most stressful event a person can experience. While your wedding day should be one of the happiest days of your life, the actual journey doesn’t usually match that description. Planning a wedding is a huge undertaking, from budgeting problems to finding the perfect dress and venue. But luckily, that’s where Dressarte Paris steps in. From custom dresses to wedding destination planning, founder Nathalie Neuilly takes the burden off your shoulders and leaves no stone unturned.

There’s no shortage of iconic wedding dresses in cinema. And when I first learned about Dressarte Paris, it was those images that flooded my mind — from the myriad of gowns in “27 Dresses,” to the picturesque Scottish castle wedding destination in “Made of Honor,” and the loving portrayal of an overbearing Greek family in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.”

Something about the mid-2000s was a gold mine for romcoms like these, and I know why: Between the cheesy meet-cutes, iconic soundtracks, and witty banter, they practically bleed romanticism. 

And that’s precisely what Nathalie Neuilly of Dressarte Paris tries to do for her customers, too. Dressarte Paris is a sustainable atelier that offers a personalized approach to wedding dresses and destination planning, with the option to meet in person or do everything over a video call. 

A collage of wedding gown sketches brides wearing the dresses
From conception to celebration, watch as your gown transforms into reality with Dressarte Paris.

With more than 500 dresses shipped worldwide, Nathalie and her experienced team create unique, custom-made dresses that you can watch come to life with each fabric sample and sketch. 

You can also get the complete package and work with Nathalie to plan your dream destination wedding, whether it’s in Italy, Dubai, or somewhere in between.

“We see so often when people try to plan a wedding themselves, they get so stressed and don’t know where to start,” says Nathalie. “I think couples forget that they are already juggling so much in life with work and family, so we remind them that we’re here to plan for them rather than pleasing others.” 

Remembering to put yourself first is a clarifying awakening many of us need. Nathalie emphasizes that no matter what service you use from Dressarte, you’re not alone in this sometimes tiresome journey. 

Instead, she acts as a shoulder on which you can rest your weary head. 

Meet Dressarte, the Wedding Atelier

Dressarte, one of the world’s only virtual-based wedding ateliers, does a little bit of everything. From custom dresses to the wedding ceremony itself, Nathalie and her creative team are ready to walk you through the entire process, from start to finish. 

But before we dive in, it may be helpful to know that “atelier” derives from the French word meaning “workshop.” The word refers to a creative space where professional artists work, whether it’s painting, sculpting, or designing fashion. 

And, as with most founding stories, this aspect of Dressarte started with a personal passion for creating.

“I love traveling and already had my diploma in wedding planning, so I was already familiar and in love with the wedding industry,” Nathalie recalls. “I started contacting suppliers to build my network, but eventually, it took me in a different direction, and I realized there may be a way to merge the services we offer and our expertise.” 

A photograph of Nathalie on a Zoom call with a client
You’ll talk directly with Nathalie about your preferences, whether you’re interested in her dress services, wedding planning, or both.

That’s when Dressarte went virtual.

“We wanted to make this experience accessible to people worldwide. So, we decided to embrace the couture online approach. This involves virtual measurements and online consultations. We’ve taken the entire process, which traditionally exists in tailoring, and adapted it for the online world,” Nathalie notes.

“Clients can try on mock-up dresses or design their wedding dresses with us. They can see the fit, explore different styles, and even have Zoom calls with friends or family if needed. This convenience is especially valuable for clients with diverse cultural backgrounds or families in different locations.”

Its other half of services — destination wedding planning — is also a unique service you won’t find anywhere. Currently, Dressarte Paris primarily focuses on destination weddings in France, Italy, Maldives, and Dubai. 

But ultimately, Nathalie believes the destination comes down to what the couple is looking for and what represents them. 

“Before we start working with a couple, we always ask them to reflect on their personal story and give more detail on their background to see if there are any ways to incorporate both sides,” she says. “For example, we get couples from very different backgrounds who want to stay within certain cultural traditions. If we know that right from the beginning, it’s a great way to make a wedding personal.”

These two services can be used separately or in combination; whatever you prefer, Nathalie and her Dressarte team are ready to bring each couple’s vision to life. 

When It’s Finally Time to Start Planning

When planning your wedding, you might fall into one of two camps: eagerly excited to dive into the process or overwhelmed at the mere thought of logistics. If you identify with the latter, then there’s no doubt that feeling of dread may intensify if you’re considering a destination wedding.

But Nathalie emphasizes destination weddings don’t have to be as stressful as they seem, although there are a few caveats every couple needs to consider.

“Destination weddings usually don’t have to be complex in terms of logistics,” she says. “But even so, they are still a sensitive topic for many couples because not so many people are willing to travel to these locations, which is tough for any couple wanting a blended wedding.”

There are, of course, solutions to every problem. At this point in Nathalie’s career, there isn’t anything she hasn’t seen yet. 

Her advice? As long as decisions are made promptly, there’s usually ample time to send out save the dates for those who may be further away and still want to make the wedding. 

Another strategy is to be open-minded about the guest list. 

“Before we start working with a couple, we always ask them to reflect on their personal story and give more detail on their background to see if there are any ways to incorporate both sides.”

— Nathalie, Founder of Dressarte Paris

While it’s understandable that couples want to include everyone in their families and friend groups, compromises sometimes must be made. Nathalie has assisted couples who opted for creative solutions, such as hosting two ceremonies. 

The first ceremony takes place in their home country, allowing them to invite as many guests as they desire. In contrast, the second, held abroad, offers the opportunity for a more intimate yet unique gathering.

If a couple doesn’t know where they’d like to go, choosing a place with a link is always best. 

“If they’ve traveled to Ireland when they were students in college or got engaged by the Eiffel Tower in Paris, we want to link the destination to that story somehow,” Nathalie notes. “At the end of the day, we want to make it about the couple.” 

A couple getting engaged in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France
Nathalie suggests choosing a wedding destination that’s personally meaningful. For example, if you were proposed to near the Eiffel Tower, she might recommend Paris for your wedding.

Truer words have yet to be said: It’s tough for brides or couples to remember the wedding is supposed to be for them, and taking on additional stress is one thing they should always avoid. 

“I think couples forget that they have jobs and other obligations, and adding the stress of wedding planning is a lot. So we always remind them that the wedding is about them, and they’re allowed to delegate tasks to friends and family,” Nathalie says.

Cost is another major stressor, so Nathalie advises couples to be transparent about their budgets. Dressarte comes up with several options based on the budget.

“We never encourage them to spend more money on something they don’t need. It’s just not our philosophy or vision, which is why we work with any budget without too much compromise,” said Nathalie. 

For example, Nathalie may pitch a French wedding in late autumn or winter, when it’s much cheaper than during the peak seasons in spring and summer. 

Or, instead of hiring a famous photographer, Nathalie might suggest working with skilled professionals who don’t have the same Instagram fame but still deliver incredible results. 

It also doesn’t hurt that Nathalie has a network of suppliers and services, so it’s easy to shop through who she’s previously worked with and get an upfront cost. 

No matter what the outcome is, Nathalie always dives into each experience with one piece of advice at the forefront: “Managing your stress is so important, so I just want to remind all couples to be mindful of their health and well-being; otherwise, it can be easily forgotten.”

Gowns With Your Vision in Mind

If you’ve ever been involved in a wedding, chances are you’ve encountered the process of working with a tailor, which entails you standing on a small pedestal, encircled by mirrors, as the tailor meticulously measures you with colorful tapes. 

While this step may seem quick, getting to this point involved plenty of effort, from researching local tailors, arranging appointments, and potentially sacrificing a precious Saturday afternoon or taking time off from work to accommodate the tailor’s availability.

Photograph of Dressarte's measuring tape and fabric samples
Nathalie and her team meticulously craft each aspect of the wedding gown.

What’s unique about Dressarte is that it’s an entirely virtual experience. With a measuring tape, you can submit your measurements to Nathalie and hop on a video call to discuss your preferences. Whatever you’re looking for, Nathalie is there to tailor the design to your specifications, all from the comfort of your home.

Dressarte also prioritizes sustainability and ethical sourcing. In today’s fast fashion-dominated world, landfills are overflowing with cheap clothing due to downgrades in quality and the relentless pace of production. 

But Dressarte takes a different approach.

“We work with surplus fabric suppliers from France and Italy whose materials would otherwise end up in the landfill because we want to repurpose what’s already created,” Nathalie explains. “It’s important for us to contribute to reducing waste because there is already so much waste in the fashion industry.” 

Here’s how the process works:

  1. Measure and discuss your preferences with Nathalie
  2. Receive a personalized sketch based on your input
  3. Choose from luxurious Italian or French fabrics
  4. Participate in remote or in-person fittings 
  5. Your dress gets delivered anywhere in the world

“We’re one of their few wedding planners that offer this level of customization, just because we understand all this experience of having something unique,” Nathalie said. “We try to make it a whole process, so every aspect of fitting and choosing your design and materials can be done online, and once completed, we can deliver the dress to your home or where the wedding is held.”

Get your free quote for a custom dress today and keep up with all Dressarte Paris updates through their Instagram. In the meantime, why not take Dressarte’s wedding venue quiz and discover where your dream destination wedding awaits?