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Sheena Holt
Sheena Holt comes to DatingAdvice with a BA in English and creative writing. Sheena's work has appeared in numerous literary and culture publications, including Lithium Magazine. Her work as an editor and writer has taught her a lot about the ins-and-outs of dating in the 21st century. As Managing Editor for, she has interviewed hundreds of dating professionals and relationship experts. Sheena also enjoys writing long-form fiction in her spare time to keep her storytelling skills sharp.

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10 Best New York City Matchmakers of 2023

2023's 10 Best NYC Matchmakers

By: Sheena Holt • 6/14/23

New York City is known for its unique brand of magic. Just think of how many iconic romantic comedies take place in New...(read more)

Couples Say “I Do” Overlooking Central Park at ROBERT

ROBERT is a Gorgeous NYC Wedding Venue

By: Sheena Holt • 4/12/23

The Short Version: There’s nothing more romantic than celebrating your wedding above New York City, where you can see...(read more)

Valaros Helps Couples Find Answers to Life’s Questions Through Tarot Readings

Valaros Helps Answer Questions Through Tarot

By: Sheena Holt • 4/11/23

The Short Version: Sometimes, you need help understanding yourself and your partner. You can talk through your thoughts...(read more)

Bayfield, Wisconsin: A Romantic Destination for Adventurous Couples

Bayfield is a Romantic Destination

By: Sheena Holt • 4/4/23

The Short Version: Bayfield, Wisconsin offers a picturesque getaway for couples. Visitors will enjoy outdoor activities...(read more)

The Kinsey Institute and ANSIRH Researchers Weigh in on the Consequences of Unplanned Pregnancy

Researchers Share Effects of Unplanned Pregnancy

By: Sheena Holt • 4/3/23

The Short Version: The unintended pregnancy rate in the United States is high and accounts for nearly half of all...(read more)

Supporting Queer Youth: LGBTQ Fund Weighs In on the Homelessness and Incarceration Crisis

LGBTQ Fund Supports Queer Youth

By: Sheena Holt • 3/9/23

The Short Version: Homelessness and incarceration are systemic issues, and they both disproportionately affect LGBTQ...(read more)

9 Best High-End Dating Sites (Feb. 2024) – Successful & Classy Singles

Best High-End Dating Sites

By: Sheena Holt • 3/5/23

Who you date is, in large part, determined by social status. Dating within your social pool just makes sense. You may...(read more)

Luxury Camping and Romance Collide at Longitude 131

Luxury Camping at Longitude 131

By: Sheena Holt • 3/2/23

The Short Version: Couples seeking a luxurious venture into nature should consider visiting Longitude 131. Located in...(read more)

Romance on Tap: Singles Win Dates Over at Avery Brewing Co.

Take a Date to Avery Brewing Co.

By: Sheena Holt • 2/27/23

The Short Version: Choosing the right location for a date can be tricky, but for singles in Boulder, Colorado, the...(read more)

Preserve Your Love Story on Lalo’s Space

Preserve Memories on Lalo

By: Sheena Holt • 2/23/23

The Short Version: Social media is a great tool to connect with friends and family, but it’s easy to be drawn into...(read more)

KinkD Review: Find Your Kink Community

Find Community on KinkD

By: Sheena Holt • 2/22/23

The Short Version: Finding others who share the same interests can be hard for kinky people. Whether they want partners...(read more)

Master Matchmakers Innovates Dating for Modern Singles

Master Matchmakers Innovates Dating

By: Sheena Holt • 2/21/23

The Short Version: Finding a partner can feel more difficult the older you get. The team at Master Matchmakers designed...(read more)

BeyondChai Matchmaking Helps Muslim Singles Find Love

Beyond Chai Helps Muslims Find Love

By: Sheena Holt • 2/20/23

The Short Version: Muslims make up just 1.1% of the United States population, making it essential that Muslim-American...(read more)

Astrologer Narayana Montúfar Shares How Singles & Couples Can Understand Their Relationships Through the Stars

Narayana Montúfar Shares Astrology Relationship Insights

By: Sheena Holt • 2/15/23

The Short Version: Reading your daily horoscope is plenty of fun, but it’s only a drop in the ocean that is astrology....(read more)

Kamalifestyles Dating Coaches Help Single Men Gain Confidence

Gain Confidence With Kamalifestyles

By: Sheena Holt • 2/9/23

The Short Version: Many singles have a hard time feeling confident while dating. Coaching service Kamalifestyles is...(read more)

Tinder Protects Online Daters With Innovative Safety Features

Tinder Protects Users With Safety Features

By: Sheena Holt • 2/7/23

The Short Version: Many dating app users are concerned about online safety, but the mainstream swiping scene has a lot...(read more)

Mend CEO Kat Torres Shares Tips for New Singles Going Through a Breakup

Mend CEO Shares Tips for Breakups

By: Sheena Holt • 2/7/23

The Short Version: Heartbreak is painful, and it can have detrimental effects on your mental health. But with the...(read more)

Digital Security Experts Weigh in on Romance and Relationship Scams

Digital Security Experts Talk Romance Scams

By: Sheena Holt • 2/2/23

The Short Version: Romance scams are on the rise, and they can come for anyone. CEO of Identity Theft Resource Center,...(read more)

Photographer Jenna Lee Shares Advice for Stunning Proposal and Engagement Photos in Hawaii

Jenna Lee Shares Hawaii Proposal Photo Advice

By: Sheena Holt • 1/31/23

The Short Version: Planning your wedding is exciting, and it comes with many important components. Starting with your...(read more)

11 New Dating Apps for Singles (Feb. 2024)

13 New Dating Apps (2023)

By: Sheena Holt • 1/20/23

In the early days of online dating, users would sit down in front of their computers at home or at the public library...(read more)