Sheena Holt

Sheena Holt
Sheena Holt comes to DatingAdvice with a BA in English and creative writing, which she uses to write helpful and honest articles that tell readers what they want to know. Sheena's background in writing and editing for culture publications taught her much about the ins-and-outs of dating in 21st century, and she loves to share her insight with her readers. Sheena is fascinated by the ways that technology has changed modern relationships. She carries her curiosity into her writing at DatingAdvice, which goes deep into what individuals can do to keep up with an innovative dating world.

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Photographer Jenna Lee Shares Advice for Stunning Proposal and Engagement Photos in Hawaii

Jenna Lee Shares Hawaii Proposal Photo Advice

By: Sheena Holt • 1/31/23

The Short Version: Planning your wedding is exciting, and it comes with many important components. Starting with your...(read more)

13 New Dating Apps for Singles (2023)

13 New Dating Apps (2023)

By: Sheena Holt • 1/20/23

In the early days of online dating, users would sit down in front of their computers at home or at the public library...(read more)

Despite Discrimination and Hate, Many LGB Singles Are Finding Love Online

LGB Singles Find Love Online

By: Sheena Holt • 1/19/23

The Short Version: A study from the Pew Research Center found that while LGB singles are more likely than straight...(read more)

The Kakis App Is an Innovative Way to Make Friends

Kakis Helps Users Make Friends

By: Sheena Holt • 1/18/23

The Short Version: Around the world, adults want to make new friends, but they may not know where to start. Thanks to...(read more)

8 Best Thai Dating Sites & Apps (2023)

Thai Dating Sites & Apps (2023)

By: Sheena Holt • 1/14/23

Although Thai culture tends to be fairly conservative, Thai singles around the world have embraced dating sites, apps,...(read more)

Sameera Sullivan Offers Her Hands-On Matchmaking Services to Arizona Singles

Sameera Sullivan is a Rising Matchmaker in Arizona

By: Sheena Holt • 1/9/23

The Short Version: Singles turn to matchmaking services to add a personal touch to their dating experiences. They want a...(read more)

Is Safe? (Pro Tips for Sugar Daddies & Sugar Babies)

Is Safe? (2023)

By: Sheena Holt • 1/7/23

Sugar dating is nothing new, and even websites catering to people interested in exchanging patronage for companionship...(read more)

Once Upon a Chef Offers Delectable Ideas for a Date at Home

Once Upon a Chef Date Night Ideas

By: Sheena Holt • 1/6/23

The Short Version: Going to a restaurant isn’t the only way to share a delicious date with your partner. With the help...(read more)

Matchmakers in the City Brings Love to Los Angeles Elites

Matchmakers in the City Finds Love for Elites

By: Sheena Holt • 1/5/23

The Short Version: Dating as a successful single in Los Angeles can be challenging on your own, but the team members at...(read more)

8 Best Korean Dating Sites & Apps in South Korea and Abroad (2022)

Best Korean Dating Sites & Apps (2022)

By: Sheena Holt • 12/21/22

Finding a dating platform popular with Koreans is the best way to meet new people and quickly connect with eligible...(read more)

Tinder’s 2022 “Year in Swipe” Shows Singles are Ready to Mingle Once Again

Tinder’s Year in Swipe Trends

By: Sheena Holt • 12/8/22

The Short Version: Tinder’s “Year in Swipe” shares user dating trends from 2022, and it tells a story of more...(read more)

How the Opal App is Helping Couples Reclaim Their Time Together

Opal Helps Couples Reclaim Time Together

By: Sheena Holt • 11/29/22

The Short Version: While technology has made many lives easier, it also has the potential to prevent people from being...(read more)

Lovebirds Enjoy At-Home Dates With Birds & Beans Coffee

Enjoy Birds & Beans Coffee Dates

By: Sheena Holt • 11/22/22

The Short Version: Many singles and couples enjoy dates at coffee shops. But by brewing coffee at home, they can get the...(read more)

Empowerment Advice From Susan “Honey” Good for Older Single Women Seeking Their Next Chapter

Susan Honey Good’s Advice for Older Single Women

By: Sheena Holt • 11/21/22

The Short Version: Many women struggle with loneliness and feelings of invisibility as they age. Fortunately, Susan...(read more)

11 Dating Apps & Sites Like Blendr (Alternatives for Straight & Gay Singles)

11 Dating Apps & Sites Like Blendr

By: Sheena Holt • 11/20/22

The day has come: Blendr is over. Founded in 2011 by Joel Simkhai, the dating application was intended to be the...(read more)

Dr. Wendy Lyon Helps Singles Overcome Their Limiting Beliefs

Dr. Wendy Lyon Helps Singles Overcome False Beliefs

By: Sheena Holt • 11/16/22

The Short Version: Getting into a healthy relationship is tricky when you have an unhealthy relationship with yourself....(read more)

Gynuity Advocates for Safe and Effective Healthcare for Women

Gynuity Advocates for Women’s Healthcare

By: Sheena Holt • 11/9/22

The Short Version: Access to safe and reliable reproductive and maternal care is a worldwide issue. Gynuity produces...(read more)

The Relationship Expert Helps Couples and Singles Build Trust & Intimacy

Couples Build Trust Thanks to The Relationship Expert

By: Sheena Holt • 11/3/22

The Short Version: Anyone looking to better their relationship needs to spend time working on themselves. Jaime...(read more)

Dating Group Transforms Romance For the Metaverse With Social Life 3.0

Dating Group Brings Romance to the Metaverse

By: Sheena Holt • 11/2/22

The Short Version: The capabilities of the internet are rapidly changing. With the advent of virtual reality, the rise...(read more)

Take Your Date to The Stanley Museum of Art at the University of Iowa

Go On a Date at the Stanley Museum

By: Sheena Holt • 10/31/22

The Short Version: Many singles want to find an exciting spot for dates, and in artsy Iowa City, there are plenty of...(read more)