How To Get Him To Call

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How to Get Him to Call

Nick Slade
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He seemed so nice when you met him. You gave him your phone number, which you haven’t given out to the last 200 guys who asked for it, and now that silent cell phone in your handbag seems to mock you every time you look at it. Ten days and still no call? Were you duped again?

Don’t worry about it! There are a lot of legitimate reasons why guys don’t call. If you understand the reasons, it might be easier for you to make your phone start ringing in the future.

“I really did lose your number!”

Hey, it can happen. Maybe he wrote your number on his hand and smudged it or washed it off. Maybe he thought he could memorize it, wrote it down wrong or just didn’t know which scrawling on a scrap of paper was your number in his disastrously messy wallet. Or maybe he truly misplaced it, lost it or his dog ate it.

It could be he was so busy looking at you that he never took a glance at your business card before he shoved it into the pile in his wallet, and “Samantha J. Higgins, Law Firm of Berger and Bunn” just got lost in a myriad of cards. Make sure you personalize it with “Sami – Rihanna concert, 3/15.” Then circle your cell number and put it in his wallet right in front of his driver’s license or gold card.


“The biggest mistake is when they let

their connection hinge on one phone call.”

“I wonder if this would be a good time to call her?”

This is where a lot of interested guys really drop the ball. He takes your number and you tell him, with your best smile, “Call me sometime.” This is a recipe for disaster! Here’s why:

Well-intentioned Johnny is dying to call you, but he thinks he better wait three days so he doesn’t seem overanxious. On the third day, he gets home from work at 5:30 and thinks about you right away. Of course, he doesn’t want to disturb your dinner so he waits.

Now it’s 7:15, but he thinks you might be having a late dinner or maybe you’ll think it’s just too early for a dating kind of call. He waits again. At 8 p.m. he picks up the phone, but maybe you’re watching “Dancing with the Stars” or doing something important. At 9:45 he doesn’t want to disturb you just when someone is about to get voted off the island.  And then it’s after 10 and it just seems too late to call.

Of course, he doesn’t want to be so presumptuous and inconsiderate as to call on the weekend. Pretty soon, a week or two have passed, and now he feels like he’s waited too long. You’ve forgotten who he is or have lost interest. Aw, shucks. Blew it again.

The biggest mistake men and women make is when they let their entire connection hinge on one highly anticipated phone call.  So, how do you fix it?  Easy!  Make a phone call appointment. If he doesn’t ask, “When is a good time to call?” you should give him some clues. Just don’t leave it too wide open.

“Tuesdays and Thursdays I’m at the gym until 7:30, so call me between 9 and 11. Or just give me a ring on Wednesday at 6 or 7.” Be a little flexible, but don’t just say, “Any time is fine.”

The more you can nail it down, the better chance you have of making that phone call happen.