How To Kiss A Guy And Turn Him On

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How to Kiss a Guy and Turn Him On

Sam Stieler
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Knowing how to kiss the guy you’re dating and turn him on seems like a no-brainer. Logic dictates if a man finds you attractive, then he should be turned on every time you kiss him.

But as we all know, this just isn’t the case. There are times when your kiss doesn’t seem to light much of a fire within your man. There are times when your man seems like there are a half dozen other things he’d rather be doing in the moment, no matter how deeply you desire him.

Even if your man gets a little turned on every time you kiss him, you probably have some room for improvement in your lip locking. After all, do you simply want to turn your man on when you kiss him, or do you want to make him lose interest in everything but you every time you want to rev him up?

If you want to develop kisses that your man can’t defend himself against, read on.

“When you make your man chase, you

will lead him where you want.”

The overwhelming force approach

One way to light your man up with your kiss is to simply throw absolutely everything you have into it. Forcibly attack him with your passion. Kiss him as if you haven’t seen him in years and as if you will never see him again in your life. Give the kiss every single ounce of fire you can muster, all at once.

Most of the time your man doesn’t respond to your kiss because he’s distracted. There are other things on his mind. He is fixated on work or on some other point of interest that’s taking all of his attention and preventing him from being present in the moment, something of such seemingly enormous concern that he has a difficult time connecting with his body.

The overwhelmingly passionate kiss works because it presents your man with an even more powerful force to deal with than whatever is kicking around in his head.

To make the overwhelming approach work, you need to go all out. You simply can’t take “no” for an answer. Maybe your man will get upset at first, but provided he is emotionally well adjusted and reasonably self-controlled, this won’t be a problem.

Getting that first emotional reaction out of him, even if it’s momentary frustration, can be an effective way to connect him to the moment. And once he’s out of his head and deep in the moment, he’s yours.

Make him chase

On the opposite side of the spectrum, you can take a subtler route and have just as much success. Rather than being the overt aggressor, you can kiss him in a manner that lightly draws him out of his head and pulls him into your shared reality.

Kiss him with a hint of passion then withdraw. Make him chase for the next kiss. With each kiss, give him a little more passion and press a little deeper into him. Then withdraw, pull back and make him come to you.

When you make your man chase, you will lead him where you want with him feeling, the whole time, that he is in control and the one taking charge of the situation. You will know better, and the results will be explosive.