I Feel Lonely After Losing My Husband. What Do You Suggest?

Dr. Wendy Walsh
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Reader Question:

I lost my husband over two years ago but it feels like it was yesterday. I have not dated or socialized at all since. I feel very inadequate in this new world of dating. I am 52 and been told very attractive, but I feel lost. I feel I will never get over losing my soul mate but cannot keep living like this. I am very alone and lonely.

What do you suggest?

-Terri (Alabama)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Answer:

Terri, dear, you’ve got to dive in. The fastest growing demographic in online dating is singles over the age of 50. So you’ll have plenty of men your age looking to meet you. I suggest OurTime.com because it markets exclusively to people over 50.

There are a few physical and emotional safety rules you should know. First, don’t get into a lengthy email relationship or you’ll build up too much anticipation and risk a big letdown when you finally meet.

When you do choose to meet, meet in a public place and bring your own car. An afternoon coffee is a low-pressure way to say hello to a new friend.

Finally, be aware that there are a few immoral dudes online who target widows and divorcees and use false love to gain access to your wallet. Don’t be quick to pay for anything. In your generation, the old rules still apply.

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