I Haven’t Heard From Him in Two Weeks. Should I Wait It Out?

Dr. Wendy Walsh
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Reader Question:

I went out with guy. At the end, he kissed me and said he plans to “prove his chivalry” and will take me out again soon. He said the next two weeks were insanely busy with work.

He text me the next night and said he had a great time and we should do it again soon. I responded with pretty much the same thing.

It’s been about two and a half weeks and I haven’t heard from him. I’m not the obsessive type, but I did have a great time.

How long should I wait before initiating contact? Should I wait it out for as long as it takes him to contact me again?

-Gray (New York)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Answer:

Dear Gray,

If he is the one pursuing, you will cash in your power by turning the chase around. Men love to hunt and find it no fun to hunt in a zoo.

I would focus your attention on anything else. When he eventually calls again, reward him with a happy voice on the phone and act like you were so busy you didn’t know the time had passed. Hopefully, that will be true!

And if he only texts you, read the technology chapter in my book “The 30-Day Love Detox” to learn how to train a man to call instead of text.

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