I Want to Tell Him I Like Him. How Should I Do It?

Rachel Dack
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Reader Question:

I role play through Facebook and met a guy. I kind of joked around when I got to know him a little more by saying he was the “perfect guy” and I was going to “steal him.”

I think he likes me because he kept saying I was making him blush and stuff. I’m not exactly sure how to tell him I like him because I think he was joking around. I was too a little, but I don’t want to tell him and risk ruining a great friendship.

What do I do?


Rachel Dack’s Answer:

Hey Ellie,

Sometimes the best relationships occur when things start off friendly or flirty with no pressure.

Joking around can absolutely be a flirting tactic, although it can also be difficult to assess the exact meaning of playful gestures and if they signify him viewing you in a romantic way.

If you want to tell him you like him, then go for it. There is always risk involved when sharing emotions with a potential love interest, but it sounds like you are ready to share.

I suggest being direct but also being playful (because that relationship already exists for you both), and then give him the opportunity to tell you if the connection is mutual.

If it isn’t, handle any potential feelings of rejection or sadness by taking good care of yourself and owning what you deserve – a guy who is also interested in you!

Take care,


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