Is He Interested or Is He Just Shy?

Gina Stewart
Gina Stewart Updated:
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Reader Question:

There is this guy I like but who is too shy to talk to me.

I friended him on Facebook and he accepted. I text him but he hasn’t texted back. He doesn’t act shy with other girls but me.

Is he interested, or is he just shy?

-Kelly (North Carolina)

Gina Stewart’s Answer:

There is only so much you can do for a guy who is acting shy to get him to make a move.

That said, you’ve done about as much as you can do. You’ve shown you’re friendly toward him and open to conversing.

If he needs a written and notarized invitation to make his way around you, then he’s not worth the effort.

At this point it, he doesn’t actually seem interested. An ignored text isn’t interested behavior in any culture. You should move on.

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