I’ve Always Had Feelings for Him. How Do I Know If He Does?

Gina Stewart
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Reader Question:

I have this guy friend who I have known since middle school. I am now 26. We dated for a short time in high school. In college, we hooked up a couple of times.

We are both newly single and have seemed to be talking and flirting more. I have always had feelings for him. I have never expressed them to him.

How do I know if there are feelings from him or not? Is this something I should just leave as is and not look for more?

-Lindsey (Michigan)

Gina Stewart’s Answer:

I see no reason to leave it as is. He may be looking for the cue from you that you’re interested.

Try to initiate some alone time with him and see how he responds. Oftentimes guys just need a little encouragement for them to make a move.

It’s not as bold as laying out your feelings, but it gives him good reason to think you’re interested again and get things headed in the right direction.

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