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The Short Version: When Malini Bhatia and her husband acquired the domain, they set out to create a resource for both men and women who want to have happy, healthy relationships. They put together a global team to help manage the site and post articles by industry experts and blogs by contributors and in-house writers. also has sections devoted to videos and quizzes that offer practical information while keeping visitors entertained. Malini plans to grow the brand to include content written in multiple languages to further the site’s mission of supporting and nurturing marriages worldwide.

Long ago, was a site that was merely focused on weddings, but Malini Bhatia and her husband had the vision to turn the domain into something more beneficial to a broader audience. Today, the site has a fresh new look as a one-stop resource for questions, concerns, and education about relationships. It’s not just for married people; it’s for everyone. has information for guys who are dating casually but who plan to get married one day. The site also has resources for women who just got engaged and for couples who have been married for a month or a decade. It’s even for those in need of counseling as they navigate a divorce.

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Malini Bhatia always wanted to bring more rresources to couples and accomplished that by creating has it all, and its content is written by professionals who are passionate about getting their knowledge to those who need it the most.

“I always wanted to work in an area that adds value to people’s lives and provides support,” said Malini. “There was a phase in my life when quite a few of my close friends, relatives, and acquaintances were really suffering in their relationships. That suffering either led to divorce, separation, or just being married for the sake of it and living together despite no emotional or physical connection.”

She didn’t like what she saw and wanted to help people get through their relationship troubles. That was her inspiration for acquiring the domain and developing it into the platform it is today.

“We decided to revamp and relaunch it to provide expert advice, resources, and positive information about marriage-related topics,” Malini said.

With the help of a global team dedicated to ensuring that the site produces quality content, Malini and her husband have created a holistic marriage resource for both singles and couples. has advice ranging from how to wow her with a great first date to keeping the romance alive when you’ve been married for a decade. It also includes a forum that allows registered members to post questions and receive feedback from fellow users.

Relationship and Legal Advice Written By Industry Professionals

One thing that differentiates from other relationship sites is that most of its articles are written by experts in their fields. The site partners with numerous professionals in the areas of marriage, psychology, and law to create useful content that’s both accurate and professionally sound.

“Our goal is to provide expert advice, trusted resources, and general information about all things marriage,” said Malini. “We help people work through common relationship issues — like conflict management, dwindling intimacy, and communication issues — and we strive to provide all the information a couple needs to lead a healthy and happy married life.”

Therapists, counselors, and relationship experts offer advice they would typically share in counseling sessions with clients. Legal articles are also written by qualified professionals who offer legal advice on marriage licenses, same-sex marriage, and adoption.

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Experts in the fields of marriage, psychology, and law write articles for

“We ensure that our content offers real, valuable takeaways and help to ascertain if a couple needs professional guidance,” Malini said. “The blog section comprises posts from contributors, experts, and in-house writers who discuss recent news and timely topics relating to marriage.”

No matter who writes the content, it all goes through the site’s rigorous editorial process before going live. That process ensures posts are fresh, engaging, and insightful because team members take pride in the site’s content quality, Malini said.

The site also maintains a section for finding therapists who can offer more personalized, one-on-one advice, because some situations call for working with a professional in real life. strives to help visitors connect with someone who can help them — whether online or off.

Quizzes and Videos Offer Education and Entertainment

Some of the most popular and engaging features on the site are its quizzes.

Most take just a few minutes and can help users better understand different aspects of their married lives. Quiz topics range from serious subjects like, “Will a Long Distance Relationship Work Out?” to more lighthearted questionnaires such as “Am I a Good Kisser?’

“We post fresh, engaging, and insightful articles and video content every day and take pride in the niche and the quality content that we offer.” — Malini Bhatia, Founder and CEO

The site’s videos also provide useful information in an accessible format that offers tips and answers questions people may have about their relationships. The videos reach people in a digital world who may not have the time to peruse the entire site’s more in-depth content but would like to find ways to enhance their relationships.

“We post fresh, engaging and insightful articles and video content every day and take pride in the niche, and the quality content that we offer,” she said. Has Long-Term Plans to Serve a Worldwide Audience

In the short term, Malini said the company plans to double down what’s already working.

“We will continue connecting people with expert advice and improving our platform to cover more resources and building a stronger community to support marriages,” she said.

While most of its users are women, the difference in the number of male versus female users is marginal, and the site continues to attract more male users. Also in the plans is an expansion beyond its American-based audience.

Photo of the logo’s goal is to grow its user base outside of the United States.

“Our long-term goal is to provide value in every marriage. We want to support more languages, topics and take the platform to be truly global,” Malini said.

According to Malini, the site has also received plenty of positive feedback from users, and she often sees heartwarming letters from people who it has helped.

“Once, a woman reached out to us after a heartbreaking divorce. She was in a bad emotional state, but did not have the financial resources to seek professional help,” Marini said, “So the team connected her with a therapist who offered free counseling sessions. Making a difference in people’s lives brings us immense joy and motivates us to help people get the professional help they need.”

“We made it our life goal to be in the relationship space and provide a positive influence to support healthy and happy unions,” she said.