My Chef Catering Provides A New Taste Of Excellence

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My Chef Catering Provides a New Taste of Excellence for Couples on Their Wedding Day

Ashayla Blakely

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Discuss This! Discuss This!

The Short Version: Attending a wedding is a beautiful and life-changing experience. But as beautiful as it is, wedding planning is far from simple. That’s why most couples hire wedding planners and caterers to help them on their big day. Located in Chicago, My Chef Catering is a top catering service for weddings. With its gourmet selections, My Chef Catering is committed to serving the Chicago area with quality and exceptional service. 

As a member of the foodie committee, I truly believe that every event is better with great food –– including weddings. Wedding receptions are a fan fave because you can dance the night away and eat some really yummy food. When couples choose their wedding menu it can be overwhelming. But thanks to services like My Chef Catering, couples can have their dream reception with a fire menu and professional support. 

My Chef Catering has been providing amazing catering services since 1989.

My Chef was launched in 1989 by marketing executives, Bill and Karen Garlough. My Chef originally started as a gourmet deli shop, and it has since transformed to provide catering services for all social events. The team thinks of themselves as a culinary hub that is always actively working to provide people with great flavors and a wonderful dining experience. 

“We are always on the quest for food innovation, introducing new tastes and styles to the people of Naperville,” said the My Chef team. 

Crafting a meal that resonates with your love story is My Chef’s number one priority. When couples book with My Chef, they get a personalized experience from start to finish. The team said that they ensure that each dish offers a personalized touch that elevates the wedding day.

From Simply Elegant to Delightfully Lavish

We spoke with Dominick Scafidi, My Chef Catering’s Marketing Director, to get the inside scoop on what’s trending in the wedding industry right now. The team told us traditional barn weddings are still popping and couples are switching things up on their menus and trying new things. My Chef’s goal is to cater to all people’s needs which is why they offer various wedding menus to choose from. Dominick told us that they have seen couples with barbecue on their menu and even charcuterie boards on each table. 

Hors D'oeuvres menu from My Chef Catering.
Couples can choose from a variety of menu options with My Chef Catering.

From the very beginning, My Chef’s team takes the initiative to get to know their clients. This makes the process a lot smoother and allows the team to better serve the happy couple. When it comes to selecting a menu for your wedding, the pros encourage couples to pick a dish that reflects their union, perhaps combining cultural flavors or incorporating your favorite date dishes. 

“My Chef Catering was truly one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. They were so easy to work with and were there to answer every question we had,” said Lauren, a My Chef Catering customer in a review

There are two ways couples can book with My Chef Catering. You can navigate to its website or social media platforms and get in contact with an event executive. Or you can connect with My Chef through a third party. Certain venues such as the Bridge and Lamont are exclusively partnered with My Chef Catering and are ultimately assigned as the caterers when couples book at these venues. 

Creating Long-Lasting Memories One Dish at a Time

The food is central to the wedding experience because it’s what a lot of wedding guests remember about a reception. The My Chef team ensures that they put out delicious food because they know that it can make or break an event. When booking, couples are asked to partake in an event questionnaire followed by a tasting so that My Chef knows what flavors work for them.

Picture of Chef at My Chef Catering.
Chefs at My Chef Catering are passionate about serving great and memorable food.

The tastings serve as a great way for couples to see what kind of dishes are offered within their budgets and adjust accordingly. 

As a memorable piece of a wedding, food should be thought out and matched with excellent service to win over the night. “Every bite is not just savored, but remembered,” said the My Chef team. 

“Our Venue had My Chef as their caterer – Susan and the My Chef team were great to work with! The tasting experience was excellent. When I said I was on the fence about one of the dishes because I disliked olives, the chef came in and gave us a couple of options they could use instead of the olives they typically use,” one happy customer said.

My Chef also offers tasty appetizers for guests to enjoy before the main course. Dominick said that their hors d’oeuvre buffet parties are popular nowadays because they’re fun and so versatile for weddings. 

“I think that appetizers give the bride and groom the opportunity to talk to their guests just a little bit more. And for guests, it allows them to talk amongst each other more instead of a formal sit-down dinner where you’re at these tables,” said Dominick. 

My Chef Catering: Chicagoland’s Top Caterer

My Chef’s hospitality surely keeps the company on top –– and people are starting to notice! In 2007, My Chef Catering won the Small Business of the Year Award and is now known as Chicagoland’s top caterer. The company could not be where it is today without the passionate chefs working alongside it. My Chef staff are passionate about turning every meal into a memorable moment. 

Picture of examples dishes from My Chef Catering.
My Chef Catering remain a top choice for the people in Chicago and beyond.

We can expect more from the My Chef team in the near future. My Chef just launched its new website last year, and the team said that they are always looking forward to busy wedding seasons year round. 

“We are a culinary hub, always on the quest for food innovation, introducing new tastes and styles to the people of Naperville. Moreover, as we flourish, we ensure our surrounding small businesses, friends, and families do too,” said the My Chef team.