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The Most Romantic Resorts for Honeymoons, Anniversaries & Weekend Getaways

Ashayla Blakely

Written by: Ashayla Blakely

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In relationships, it’s important to make sure that the flame never goes out. Many dating experts advise couples to continue to connect with their partners with fun activities and romantic gestures. Remembering to celebrate important occasions like anniversaries can help a relationship go a long way. 

To spice things up, couples can tap into their romantic side and plan a nice getaway for two. Romantic getaways are a perfect way to spend some quality time with your special someone without having to worry about the stressors of life. It’s about time to put away the laptop and remember why love is worth stopping time for. 

We’ve done some research and chosen the most romantic resorts where couples can relax and reconnect. Whether it’s for your honeymoon or a quick weekend getaway, taking a trip to a romantic resort is always worthwhile. 

1. The Stanford Inn

On a mission to have guests leave inspired and joyful, The Stanford Inn resort is a romantic getaway located in Mendocino, California. The Stanford Inn is an eco-friendly resort where wellness is at the heart of every guest offering. From the organic products used in its restaurants to the grand wellness center, couples who prioritize living a healthy lifestyle will appreciate visiting. 

“We have a great core staff that is instrumental in helping us set the example of a sustainable way (not green-washing) that is a loving approach to the health of the planet,” said The Stanford Inn’s owner, Jeff Stanford. 

It’s refreshing to be able to reconnect with your lover and appreciate one another. As time passes, couples often fail to make time to talk and discuss their romantic needs and desires. Older couples usually fall into a toxic pattern of sharing conversations about their responsibilities and end up forgetting about their relationship. The Stanford Inn is all about reconnecting and providing spaces for couples to talk things out. 

Jeff told us that the wellness center offers jacuzzis and saunas where couples can relax and have quiet discussions with one another. With work and other life stressors, it’s rare for couples to get such luxury. The Stanford Inn is committed to inspiring and encouraging guests on the importance of practicing wellness. Couples may need this reminder as they go back to their busy lives. 

“Perfect place to get away from the busy bay area and focus on getting some relaxation, enjoy the garden, eat tasty healthy meals, and dedicate time to reconnect with my partner and before our baby arrives,” said Jean, a Stanford Inn guest in a review

2. Wequassett Resort and Golf Club

The wondrous resort known as the Wequassett Resort and Golf Club is a beautiful place for couples to relax and decompress. Located in Harwich Massachusetts, Wequassett offers a once-in-a-lifetime leisure experience that will leave anyone feeling refreshed. Wequassett is a prestigious resort whose primary focus is to cultivate relationships and pay attention to every guest’s desire. 

Screenshot from website.
Couples can beautiful evening views during their stay at Wequassett.

Wequassett welcomed its first guest in 1925 and has been on the rise ever since. People from all over come to appreciate the breathtaking views of Cape Cod Bay and the resort’s exceptional dining services. The Wequassett resort is a perfect choice for couples who aren’t afraid to get their feet wet. Known as the crescent on the water, Wequassett offers various water activities couples can enjoy together, including kayaking, boat rentals, fishing, or a relaxing poolside retreat. 

For those couples who want to experience a romantic dinner, the signature five-star restaurant Twenty-Eight Atlantic is a must-go-to. Twenty-Eight Atlantic is ranked as the first and only Forbes Five-Star restaurant within its region. From the delicious food to the exceptional guest services, Twenty-Eight Atlantic creates a dining experience like no other. For an even more intimate night with your lover, Twenty-Eight Atlantic also provides private dining service with an incredible view on the outdoor terrace. 

“Year after year after year… we keep coming back to Wequassett Inn (our happy place). Service and staff are beyond exceptional and are only matched by the grounds, the view, and the resort’s overall vibe. Very high-end yet incredibly approachable and cozy – I truly can’t say enough good about it,” said a happy Wequassett visitor in a testimonial

3. The Oak Bay Beach Hotel 

Couples looking for an oasis experience will love visiting the Oak Bay Beach Hotel. The Oak Bay Beach Hotel is located in Victoria, Canada. It’s the ideal location for any couple wanting to catch up on rest, create new memories together, and rediscover their love for one another. A lot of relationships suffer because couples don’t take the time to refocus and spend time with one another. 

The Oak Bay Beach Hotel is considered the ultimate blend of luxury service, style, and comfort. With the help of highly dedicated hospitality professionals, Oak Bay Beach Hotel continues to set the standard for exceptional service. Over the years, Oak Bay Beach Hotel has been ranked the number one hotel in Canada and the 19th top hotel in the world by the Condé Nast 2021 Reader’s Choice Awards. And that’s no surprise considering that the team focuses on delivering the ultimate relaxing experience for every guest

Oak Bay Beach Hotel is a beautiful place for couples to rekindle their love.

To ensure that guests get the most from their visit, Oak Bay Beach Hotel offers great packages and specials that help guests achieve the ultimate wellness experience. With the package, couples get the opportunity to live as a resident and soak up all of the West Coast beauty through an exclusive seaside mineral pool. 

One of Oak Bay Beach Hotel’s traditions is having guests take photos next to the iconic Oak Bay Beach Hotel fireplace in the grand lobby. Families take photos in front of the fireplace and return years later to capture another one, which may have an additional family member as a part of the photo. This is a cute sentimental gesture that couples can participate in.

“This is my second time at Oak Bay and it doesn’t disappoint. Everything is top-notch. Incredible spa treatments, delicious food at The Snug Pub, and Faro,” said an Oak Bay Beach guest in a 

review. “Excellent service from start to finish. An incredible place to get away to relax and unwind. Treat yourself, you won’t regret it! I will be back!”

4. Chablé Yucatán

The Chablé Yucatán is recognized as one of the world’s best hotels for its architecture and design. This particular hotel is deeply rooted in the Mayan healing traditions and has been designed specially to cater to couples who wish to renew their promise to one another, strengthen their trust and re-energize their love. This is a perfect place to proclaim to your significant other whatever new intentions you may have — it’s a gateway to express yourself! 

It doesn’t take much for guests to swoon over the hotel — it is stunning. Chablé Yucatán is located in Yucatán Mexico and is proudly representing Mexican culture to the world. Culture is a big part of the hotel’s identity. It’s present everywhere from the hotel’s setting to the culinary experience it offers. Couples can gain an appreciation for the culture throughout their stay. 

According to a Chablé Yucatán spokesperson, the team is constantly searching to redefine wellness and provide better services to its guests. Hotel amenities go beyond accommodations and include ways guests can interact with local history, nature, and the architecture of Mexico. 

Chablé Yucatán prioritizes wellness and sustainability and ensures that every guest in the hotel has a connection with nature. This is a refreshing experience for couples as they gain a better understanding of the importance of using natural resources. A vacation is more than just enjoyment, it’s learning things along the way that you can take home with you. The number one goal the team shares is to have guests leaving feeling happy and balanced with themselves.

Chablé Yucatán strives to provide excellent customer service at all times. The team’s philosophy is to give service with the heart. In doing so, guests receive service that exceeds their expectations and makes them feel at home — or for some paradise. This is a great romantic getaway for couples to pamper their body while still engaging with one another on an emotional level. 

“It was a great experience,” said a Chablé Yucatán visitor in a review. “I can say that I have stayed at various luxury hotels around Mexico but this one is supreme. The mix of the old hacienda with modern architectural concepts makes it a unique experience. There aren’t words to describe this place, only visiting it will give you an idea of the experience.”

5. Nayara Tented Camp

Imagine spending the weekend with your lover in a clifftop tent with a beautiful rainforest featured below. The sounds of birds chirping and other wildlife sounds in the background provide the perfect setting for romance. The Nayara Tented Camp, located in Costa Rica, offers couples a a sustainable experience filled with adventure. 

At Nayara, guests aren’t experiencing just any old tent, but one that is luxurious and offers stunning views. Each tent is 1,800 square feet and is considered a master suite and ensuite bathroom that guests rave over. Costa Rica is a beautiful place to explore, but the Nayara tents themselves make up a perfect indoor vacation where couples can stay inside if they choose. 

“The rooms are exquisite, every detail has been carefully thought of. Daily laundry is complementary and smells amazing. We enjoyed a delectable complimentary breakfast served on our patio on our last morning and lamented not having done it every day,“ said Shayjr, a Nayara guest in a testimonial on the homepage. 

Screenshot from website.
Outdoor lovers will enjoy an adventurous stay at Nayara Tented Camp.

Becoming one with nature with your partner is an experience like no other. Nayara is known as a sloth sanctuary thanks to the thousands of planted Cecropia trees around the property. Guests often get to view sloths all over the area as well as other rare wildlife such as toucans, armadillos, and neon green frogs. You don’t have to have a lot of knowledge of animals to enjoy the beauty of seeing them. 

Nayara offers modern Mediterranean dishes with a Middle Eastern touch. Henry’s Bar on the property is a relaxing place to have a nice intimate conversation over specialty drinks. Couples also have the option to participate in adult-only tasting and fine dining. Nayara is also a family getaway, so this is beneficial for couples who want to have a more mature and intimate time together. 

6. Coco Plum Island

A private island paradise experience is perfect for any couple wanting to celebrate their anniversary or honeymoon the right way. Coco Plum is a private island located in Belize that welcomes all lovers to decompress. The resort has a no-children policy so there’s nothing but romance and adult-only experiences throughout the resort. The island has been recognized as a fan favorite since 2000. Travel + Leisure Ranked Coco Plum as one of the top 15 best all-inclusive honeymoon resorts in the world. The Coco Plum team continues to develop an experience for guests like no other. 

Starting off with a standard vacation package, couples get private accommodations, meals, local beverages, local puddle jumper flights, and transport to the island on arrival and departure days. The Coco Plum team aims to provide a stress-free visit for everyone. Upon arrival, guests are immediately greeted with a welcome cocktail and incredible views. 

“Our experience at Coco Plum was amazing! From the transfer from the airport to the beach amenities – not a single detail was overlooked. The staff was so kind and attentive. Each meal was delicious and I’m still thinking about our beachside lunch of seafood sere,” said an enthused Coco Plum visitor in a review. “I would highly recommend the day trip for zip-lining and tubing. Wish we could have stayed longer!”

Screenshot from website.
Coco Plum Island is a fan-favorite getaway, located in Belize.

Coco Plum Island also is known for hosting many destination weddings throughout the year. Couples who are ready to take the next step in their relationship can find Coco Plum Island a beautiful place to say “I do.” With the honeymoon and romance add-on, couples are pampered during their stay. Coco Plum is all about providing couples with intimate moments and a romantic candlelight dinner on the overwater docks that they will never forget. 

“We find it incredibly rewarding to offer couples a once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon experience on what is essentially their own private island. We also are thrilled when couples select Coco Plum Island for their destination wedding because our island team enjoys providing genuine Belizean hospitality and top-notch customer service to not only the bride and groom but to all members of the wedding party,” said Kimberly Castillo, Coco Plum Island Marketing Director.

Finding A Romantic Stay For Reconnecting 

Couples who make time for romance to blossom in the relationship find their relationship can grow deeper. The beautiful resorts and hotels we have listed serve as amazing destinations to help you relax with your lover and rediscover the meaning of love. Couples need to incorporate bonding moments with just the two of them and take a break from dealing with a busy work schedule and raising a family together. 

Romantic getaways don’t always have to coincide with an anniversary or other special events; sometimes a nice random trip can mean a lot to your partner. According to a survey conducted by the U.S. Travel Association, couples in a romantic relationship who travel together have healthier and happier relationships compared to couples who don’t. 

When planning out your next trip together,consider your budget while also keeping in mind your lover’s interest and what would make the trip even more magical. Because, after all, the best romantic trips are ones where you two can’t stop smiling at each other.