What are the Benefits of Joining a Dating Site?

Kara Pound
Kara Pound Updated:
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During 1860 through 1861, the Pony Express served as mail service connecting the East Coast of the United States with the West Coast. Before the telegraph, it was the fastest form of communication. It took 10 days for a message to travel from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

Today, it takes virtually seconds to communicate with almost anyone anywhere in the world. A few keystrokes and the click of a mouse can help spark an intense e-relationship. For those women who are on the fence on whether or not to join an online dating site, I say why not?

Honestly, what do you have to lose? Sure, some of the sites can be upwards of $100 per month for membership. But prices run the gamut — all the way to free. If the cost is deterring you from giving online dating a try, then just find one that fits into your budget. How much would you pay to find true love?

Are you still weary about joining a site? Let’s take a look at some of the benefits. First, you get to weed out the bad seeds from the comfort of your couch. Second, you can e-date at 2 a.m. wearing your pajamas. Third, you will have dozens if not hundreds of options of men to date just by scrolling through the online profiles.

Like I said, what do you have to lose? These days, we live in a virtual world where so much of what we do has its hand in technology. Why would dating be any different? Find a site that is in your price range and have fun with it. Online dating shouldn’t feel like a chore. It’s like shopping online. Except instead of shoes, you’re looking for a future husband.