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Special Moments Events Planning Forecasts Happy Wedding Days — Even in the Florida Heat

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Written by: Lexi Inks

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The Short Version: So many details and decisions are involved in the wedding planning process — especially in a state like Florida. The climate and weather patterns tend to require some extra planning and consideration when you’re throwing a wedding in the Sunshine State, but not to worry: Special Moments Event Planning makes planning your Florida wedding an absolute dream. 

Planning a wedding is no easy feat, and the number of resources and methods for coordinating everything can be overwhelming. How can one choose just the right person to capture their entire vision in one day?

This is an important question to ask yourself. If you live in Florida or are planning your wedding in the state, you’ll want to look over some extra important details as you’re going through your checklist. For one, hurricane season is real and can certainly affect the date and location of the wedding. 

Couple saying their vows and holding hands in a tropical setting
Planning ahead — and with backup plans in mind — can ensure your wedding will be a success.

Beyond its proclivity for big storms, they don’t call Florida the “Sunshine State” for nothing; temperatures in Florida can soar well into the 90s for many months of the year, something your guests may not be too thrilled about as they’re baking in the sun or even packed into a full indoor venue. As a native Floridian myself, I can vouch that central air conditioning can only do so much to combat the heat and humidity in a crowded room. 

Tammy Waterman, founder and event planner of Special Moments Event Planning, shared some tips with us about planning a Florida wedding — and actually enjoying it. 

Timing is Everything

If you’re anything like most adults, you’ve probably experienced a year or two with an influx of wedding invitations. While trends come and go, the general concept of “wedding season” has largely stayed the same for decades — September through November tend to see the most matrimonial moments. 

Tropical Florida beach
The time of year should have major influence on the location of your Florida wedding.

The timing of your wedding is among the most important details to consider during your initial planning phase. The date of your wedding impacts things like weather, attire, ideal locations, and even the floral arrangements you might be able to use. In the case of Florida weddings, Tammy said there are certain months you will definitely want to avoid. 

“The majority of people do not get married in Florida in July or August, because they know it’s too hot if you’re a Floridian,” she said. “Any weddings that do go on during that time are usually for school teachers, or Europeans coming over here to travel.”

Bride and groom posing in front of trees
Although they may be tricky to plan, outdoor weddings can be beautiful in the summer months.

If you’ve ever spent time in Florida during the summer months, then you know that the climate tends to be hot and humid. In fact, the state’s average daily temperature in July and August ranges up to 95 degrees — and that’s just the average, not the maximum. While it’s common to enjoy fun in the sun around this time, your wedding guests may not find sitting outside for hours at a time so fun when the heat is at an all-time high. 

On the other hand, although wedding season tends to begin in the early fall months, September through November can be “tricky” times to plan a Florida wedding, Tammy explained. This is prime time for hurricane season, which not only affects the weather, but also things like venue availability and even travel for your guests. While no one can control or truly predict the weather, it’s wise to plan ahead and make sure you’re setting yourself and your guests up for success.

Weddings in Florida Don’t Have to Break the Bank

Whether you’re just starting to plan a wedding or dreaming and scheming about one, you may be surprised to find out that the average wedding cost in the state of Florida was $30,000 in 2022. That’s a large chunk of change for many people, especially in the age of inflation and economic recession. 

Newly married couple in front of a white car in between pyrotechnics
Weddings can be costly, so using small tweaks may help you celebrate on a budget.

To this end, Tammy shared that there are several ways to protect your wallet throughout the wedding preparation process, while still having a quality celebration with the people you love. 

Although outdoor ceremonies and receptions are not the smartest idea in the summer months, she mentioned that planning your big day indoors for a July or August date can definitely cut costs. With less competition for couples trying to book venues during this time, you’ll not only have a wider selection of venues to choose from, but likely lower pricing as well. 

Saving money on things like decor, floral arrangements, and even table settings is possible in a variety of ways as well. For instance, my younger sister had her wedding in Florida this year, and she incorporated plenty of affordable alternatives to spending thousands of dollars on rental decor and table dressings. Whether you choose to DIY, thrift, or borrow things like glassware and tablecloths, you can certainly get more bang for your buck and still make your vision come to life. 

Bride and groom on beach with veil flowing in the wind
Investing in wedding insurance can give you peace of mind on your big day.

Another important way to ensure you aren’t burdened by unnecessary or overwhelming wedding expenses is to purchase wedding insurance. Tammy suggested that anyone considering Florida for their wedding location should check out the Wedding Protector Plan. The unpredictability of storms and other natural phenomena in the state can be offset by wedding insurance, which protects your financial investment in things like the venue, photos, and even you or your spouse’s wedding dress.

The Wedding Protector Plan protects a variety of wedding investments, including things like lost deposits, cancellations or postponements, severe weather, and even lost wedding rings. These personalized plans not only provide assurance that your money won’t go to waste, but they can also give you peace of mind knowing that there is a backup, should you need it. 

Keep Your Guests in Mind

No matter how bustling or intimate your wedding may be, you and your betrothed still deserve the spotlight. It is your “big day” after all, so having the focus on you and your love only makes sense. That said, there should also be some consideration for the loved ones who come to celebrate with you. 

Bridesmaids popping confetti
Bring mindful of the comfort and enjoyment of your guests is always a good idea.

When you’re planning a Florida wedding, understanding how things like the weather and location can impact your guests is a crucial step to ensuring that everyone has a comfortable and enjoyable time. It may take some brainstorming and extra expense to come up with these safeguards, but your attendees will surely appreciate the thought you put into it. 

Tammy suggests one way to keep your guests happy is to hold the cocktail hour indoors. In her considerable experience as a wedding planner, she has seen all too many situations in which wedding guests have been left outside to bake in the heat while waiting for the reception to start. Not cool — literally. 

Bride and groom looking out onto the beach
All in all, Florida can be a gorgeous and exciting setting for your wedding celebration.

If your reception is outdoors, providing plenty of shaded spots and water is essential for both safety and comfort. Tammy shared a previous experience in which the cocktail hour was set outside in the summer, and the water provided ran out very quickly, which can cause a world of issues. Thinking of the small details, like water and shade, can make a world of difference. 

Above all, wedding planning is truly a balancing act. Considering major factors like cost, date, location, and number of guests can be overwhelming, so trusting experts like Tammy and the team at Special Moments Event Planning — and equipping yourself with the peace of mind from wedding insurance — will help make your day that much more special. Cheers to the happy couple!