Lexi Inks

Lexi Inks
Lexi joined the DatingAdvice team with years of lifestyle journalism experience. She grew her writing prowess through reporting on the topic of sex and relationships, and she loves continuing to cover this niche content while working toward becoming an AASECT Certified Sexuality Educator. You can find Lexi's writing in Refinery29, Cosmopolitan, Bustle, Well + Good, and Women's Health, among other publications.

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Queer Dating Advice (10 Tips & Tricks)

Queer Dating Advice (10 Tips & Tricks)

By: Lexi Inks • 5/22/24

Dating can be challenging for anyone, but dating while queer has some complications of its own. When you’re a member...(read more)

Taimi Review & 3 Alternative Dating Sites (March 2024)

Taimi Review & 3 Alternatives

By: Lexi Inks • 2/11/24

With decades of experience, some of the most popular dating apps have essentially become household names. It’s...(read more)

Sniffies Hookup App Review & 4 Alternatives (May 2024)

Sniffies Hookup App Review & 4 Alternatives

By: Lexi Inks • 2/10/24

When you’re scrolling through a dating app, it’s always a good idea to know what you’re looking for. Being clear...(read more)

Bloom Is A Safe Place For Queer, Non-Monogamous, And Artistic Folks To Connect

Bloom Fosters Community Within Alternative Lifestyles

By: Lexi Inks • 1/22/24

The Short Version: If you fall under categories like “artist,” “relationship anarchist,” “kinky,” or any...(read more)

Fall In Love On A Romantic Autumn Getaway To Littleton, New Hampshire

Littleton Is A Small Town Full Of Big Hearts

By: Lexi Inks • 11/9/23

The Short Version: Breathtaking colors and cool breezes aren’t the only things to enjoy about the fall season —...(read more)

Sandy Valley Ranch Adds A Western Flair To Nevada Weddings

Sandy Valley Ranch Hosts Western Weddings

By: Lexi Inks • 11/6/23

The Short Version: While they are ever-popular, weddings held in massive churches or on tropical beaches aren’t for...(read more)

Bonafide’s Revaree Uses The Power Of Hyaluronic Acid To Relieve Menopause Symptoms

Bonafide Provides Mess-Free Menopause Relief

By: Lexi Inks • 10/31/23

The Short Version: Menopause can sound like a scary word to some, but it's a chapter of life most women will experience....(read more)

Dating Coach Kimmy Seltzer Helps Nervous Daters Gain Confidence And Exude Charisma

Kimmy Seltzer Turns Dating Nerves Into Confidence

By: Lexi Inks • 10/24/23

The Short Version: Whether it be starting a new job, meeting new friends, or creating a dating app profile for the first...(read more)

Port Townsend Is the Perfect PNW Destination For a Romantic Weekend Getaway

Port Townsend Is A Hidden Gem In The Pacific Northwest

By: Lexi Inks • 10/23/23

The Short Version: Eyeing larger cities across the country is not uncommon for anyone looking to travel...(read more)

7 Best Georgia Dating Sites (Feb. 2024)

7 Best Georgia Dating Sites

By: Lexi Inks • 10/13/23

If you’ve ever been to the Southeastern U.S., it’s likely you know the concept of “southern hospitality.” People...(read more)

For the Love of Money: 42% of Singles Rank Finances Among the Most Important Dating Criteria

New Survey Data: Do Singles Seek Love or Money?

By: Lexi Inks • 10/10/23

Times are tough for many people. Inflation and the considerable cost of living — even in smaller cities — have a...(read more)

A Creative Cake from The Makery Can Make Your Colorado Wedding Extra Special

A Cake from The Makery Makes Your Colorado Wedding Special

By: Lexi Inks • 9/28/23

The Short Version: Among all the details and decisions associated with getting married, one of the most impactful is...(read more)

Special Moments Events Planning Forecasts Happy Wedding Days — Even in the Florida Heat

Special Moments Event Planning Plans Fantastic Florida Weddings

By: Lexi Inks • 9/27/23

The Short Version: So many details and decisions are involved in the wedding planning process — especially in a state...(read more)

GoldenBride Provides a Pathway to Finding Your International Life Partner

GoldenBride Connects Men and Women for International Love

By: Lexi Inks • 9/13/23

The Short Version: Using the same old dating apps and sites can prove to be frustrating or even fruitless for some...(read more)

Arica Angelo Gets Real With Helpful Advice to Improve Your Love Life

Arica Angelo Offers Real Advice for a Successful Love Life

By: Lexi Inks • 9/12/23

The Short Version: If you’re in a relationship or out in the dating world, it’s likely that you know how difficult...(read more)

Highland Brewing is One of Asheville’s Best-Kept Secrets for Laid-Back Date Nights

Highland Brewing is a Prime Destination for Casual Dates

By: Lexi Inks • 8/31/23

The Short Version: Asheville, North Carolina has a good reputation as a year-round getaway destination. The mountain...(read more)

Dating Coach Eddie Hernandez Shares Tips for Perfecting Your Dating App Profile

Eddie Hernandez Has Tips To Make Your Dating Profile Shine

By: Lexi Inks • 8/30/23

The Short Version: After years scouring dating apps and sites for an ideal match, singles may start to feel a little...(read more)

Frenchly Offers Couples Tips for Enjoying the Romance of French Culture

Frenchly Inspires Couples to Embrace the Culture of Romance

By: Lexi Inks • 8/28/23

The Short Version: Many couples dream of romantic nights under the stars in Paris, scenic rides along the French...(read more)

7 Sexting Facts & Stats That Everyone Online Should Know (2024)

Sexting Statistics Everyone Should Know

By: Lexi Inks • 8/26/23

Whether your relationship began online or in person, you likely shared some flirtation through messages. There is...(read more)

The Museum of Broadway Inspires Memorable Date Nights in NYC

The Museum of Broadway Inspires Memorable Dates

By: Lexi Inks • 8/15/23

The Short Version: If you’re tired of the same old date night routine, you may want to consider jazzing things up…...(read more)