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A Creative Cake from The Makery Can Make Your Colorado Wedding Extra Special

Lexi Inks

Written by: Lexi Inks

Lexi Inks

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The Short Version: Among all the details and decisions associated with getting married, one of the most impactful is your choice of wedding cake. Choosing a wedding cake is an opportunity to put your stamp of love on your event, but only if you place creative responsibility in the hands of craftspeople who care. In Denver and all of Colorado, the sugar artists at The Makery have your back. At The Makery, you can select a simple cutting cake online or book a design session to craft an art piece that meets your highest wedding aspirations.

Turning a marriage ceremony into a milestone wedding event means juggling responsibilities you hope never to juggle again. It goes without saying (but we’ll say it anyway) that you’re going to want to get things right — not just for you but for the family members and friends who will contribute their time and support and make your marriage an expression of your love for them as much as for each other.

Your wedding cake is central to spreading that ethos of abiding love because it’s much more than cake. It needs to express who you are and want to be. It must stand up to the scrutiny of hundreds if not thousands of photos, including many where it’s the centerpiece.

And it must be delicious instead of an awkward memory that comes up in conversation 50 years later. We’ve attended a few weddings in our time, so take it from us that combining those qualities in a single cake is no easy feat.

white wedding cake on table with flowers
Whether your style is elegant or eclectic, The Makery can execute any design you’d like.

Couples in the Denver metro area and all of Colorado turn to the sugar artists at The Makery to craft cakes that exemplify love, express the highest standards of design and construction, and delight the senses.

Founder Desiree Kelly (her friends call her Dez) said she and her team are ready to work with you to turn your Colorado wedding into a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

“We’ve become Denver’s authority on where to get a really cool cake,” Dez said. “I love that our company creates things that make so many people happy.”

Craft a Personal Expression of Love

Happiness is at the forefront of everything Dez and the team at The Makery do. But Dez’s road to making The Makery was a bit bendier than you might expect. It turns out that lots of different personal qualities go into making a master cakemaker.

Dez said she had always been very artsy as a child, but she never thought art would take her anywhere. So, she earned a molecular biology degree, of all things, and spent her early career working in a laboratory, later adding to the complexity by setting her sights on an MBA to work in pharmaceuticals.

teal and gold wedding cake with flowers
The skilled team at The Makery customize each cake to ensure that they are stunningly impressive.

When she offered to make her sister’s wedding cake, she took classes at a hobby store to figure out how to do it and fell in love with the process. It was a perfect combination of art and commerce. Since 2006, Dez and The Makery have helped Denver-area wedding couples put a special touch on their special days.

“I wandered into this cake vocation, but it made people so happy — I just loved how their faces lit up,” Dez said. “We’ve gone gung ho on doing the super-creative stuff, carving and sculpting cakes and even hanging them upside down.”

Dez loves those technical cakemaking challenges just as much as she loves bringing her clients’ visions to life. She says a thoughtfully designed and executed wedding cake embodies author Gary Chapman’s five love languages: words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, acts of service, and touch.

It would behoove all marrying couples to remember, in good times and bad, that Dez considers the cakes she makes to represent love in all those ways.

“A wedding cake says things, it requires time, it’s a gift, you have to do something to acquire it, and it’s a pleasure,” Dez said. “Cakes are such an expression of love.”

Order Online or Book a Session with a Sugar Artist

The Makery works deftly with customers to reduce some of the stress associated with wedding planning without compromising the results. Dez said the team always tells couples to get the lay of the land on the website before calling or ordering online.

cake pop cake with clock
Even the most unique and funky designs are a cinch for the bakers at The Makery.

“The first thing you want to do is decide what you’re after because these days, you can get anything for your wedding,” Dez said. “What you want to do is take a little time, look at some pictures, and do some investigations.”

If a simple elopement or cutting cake is appropriate for the occasion you have planned, order it online. The Makery also offers cupcakes, cake flavor samples, and an online opportunity to book a sugar artist in advance to ensure enough time for planning and execution.

Securing a design session starts with a recommendation to book two months in advance if you’ve scheduled your wedding from October to April and six months in advance if you’re planning an event during the busier time of year, from May to September.

Design sessions come with a tasting to make it a fun time. That’s when couples can dive deep into options for multiple cake tiers and make their cake dreams come true.

Chocolate and gold wedding cake
Beyond the incredible designs, your wedding guests will fall in love with the taste of your Makery cake.

“If you want to design a big seven-tier cake, come on in, and we’ll look at some pictures that have caught your eye and listen to your story,” Dez said. “We’ll consider things like your venue and theme and design something unique just for the two of you.”

The results are invariably spectacular. Dez remembers special cakes, such as one with a 3D castle and a dragon emanating from the turrets. Another couple designed a cake with a sword piercing through it.

“Just trying to figure out the engineering on that one was literally a balancing act,” Dez said. “We totally dig the projects that give us a little challenge.”

The Makery Attends to Every Detail

Dez said the balancing challenge associated with the cake with the sword happened because it was a hanging cake with flowers on one side that made it tilt. The team put heavy chocolate on the other side to give gravity something else to pull on.

That level of attention to detail and memory-making makes The Makery the Denver area’s go-to wedding cake destination. Of course, for folks who just like cake (and who doesn’t?), The Makery offers an assortment of holiday, party, and occasion cakes and cupcakes.

It’s a fun touch to include you and your spouse’s personalities in your wedding cake.

A cake menu on the site presents flavor options, including premium flavors that are the default choice for wedding cakes. A cake gallery displays the range of results the team, which is not averse to wielding power tools, can produce.

The Makery’s attention to detail offers built-in benefits for marrying couples, such as a complimentary anniversary cake sent a year after the wedding. That eliminates the need to freeze and store a slice or two of their original cake.

The Makery also offers honeymoon cake to help couples who have spent their wedding day dancing and celebrating without having an opportunity to enjoy some time to themselves. They’ll send a little celebratory cake to the honeymoon destination to tie up that loose end.

Couples on the fence about options should rest assured that Dez and The Makery team consider price transparency their highest virtue. The Makery understands there are many cake designers to consider and choices to make. So there’s no nickel-and-diming about cost at The Makery, another way the experience makes the kinds of memories couples want to associate with marrying.

white tree trunk carving wedding cake
No matter how simple or specific, The Makery can make your dream wedding cake design come to life.

Couples should also rest assured that the team is ready and waiting to turn their design dreams into reality. Power tools combine with sculpture skills to do whatever it takes to make love your event’s focus. All because of a sister who got married.

“Couples fall in love with what we’ve made, and then we just take care of them the rest of the way,” Dez said.