Where’s the Best Place to Meet Nice Guys?

Nick Slade
Nick Slade Updated:
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The world is full of nice guys. You pass them by every day in grocery stores, hallways and parking lots. Most of us climb into our bubble and shut down our romance antennas during everyday activities, so we never notice the possibilities all around us.

The very best place to meet nice guys is in “real life.” When you’re at the gym or dance club, you have your shields up, and the sexual tension can become too overt and overbearing. The guys aren’t being themselves, and the good ones feel awkward because they know that you’ll think they’re just another guy trying to get you in bed. Plus, you are more likely to assume that they have the worst of intentions. Some won’t approach you at all because they’re sure you’ll reject them.

In the mall, at the gas station, at the park, or just walking down the sidewalk, guys are relaxed and being the person they really are. Look for the ones that smile when you catch their eye and say hello! Ask for directions. Or tell them they look familiar, and ask if you’ve met them before. If they say “no,” you can say that you’ve met now and introduce yourself. Invite them for coffee.

Online sites have unlimited possibilities these days, too. Just don’t use them to build relationships. Use the web as a tool for introductions, and then meet in a safe setting. Hours of online chatting create unrealistic fantasy worlds. You can learn more about your compatibility with a person in a five-minute face-to-face meeting than you can learn in five weeks of chatting online.