How To Kiss For Senior Women

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How to Kiss for Senior Women

Nick Slade
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It’s one of the most glorious ways to pass the time, a true mind-blowing experience and one of the best bonding methods ever invented. Kissing is a very important part of every relationship, and the way you do it can make or break your chances with your new guy.

You’ve done it a million times, but maybe it’s been a while and you just want to make sure your kissing style is going to please him. Like snowflakes, no two kisses are alike, and no two partners will do it exactly the same way.

But when everything is just right, it is a magical experience that can transport lovers to a higher dimension and set the relationship on a course to passion and fulfillment.

Before you start exercising your lip action on a new man, be sure you go through our checklist.

1. Fresh and clean breath.

Dinner is over and you’re out of Tic Tacs? Order a gin and tonic with a twist of lime or even a Sprite to cleanse your mouth.

2. Be ready for some serious lip action.

Lips should feel soft, smooth and supple when they first touch his lips or face. Smooth lips will draw him in, while cracked or scratchy lips will push him away. Use lip balm or sunblock for lips regularly, as well as some flavored lip gloss when you go out.

3. Lipstick has changed over the years.

There are many modern brands that last all day and will not rub off even while you’re eating, drinking or kissing. There’s nothing worse than lipstick on your teeth or a red smear around your lips.

If he sees red lip marks all over your coffee cup or water glass, he may have reservations about kissing you later. Men don’t want to get your lipstick all over their face and taste it, too. Use good long-lasting lip products, use them sparingly, and maybe seal it on with some sealer or tasty lip gloss.


“Kissing actually provides

an element of satisfaction.”

4. Be the one to control the pace.

Passions build as the kissing gets faster, but slow, “tantric” kissing is both enjoyable and manageable. If he starts to speed up and you want to slow him down, stroke his cheek lightly and tamp down the pace.

5. Keep it all on the mouth and lips.

Some gentle tongue play and sucking is great, as is a little bit of gentle lip nibbling. Just stay away from the chin and nose. And save the earlobe nibbles and neck kisses until you’re ready to give up second base.

6. Use your hands.

Your touch is as magical as your kiss, plus you can control the action better if you use your hands.

Put a hand behind his head or neck, adjusting the pressure in accordance with the intensity of the kiss. More pressure will make it faster and more passionate, while letting up a little allows you to keep your lips in a more tender kind of contact, which is also very sensual and keeps the pace from getting carried away.

Running your fingers through his hair (if he has any), rubbing his cheek and holding his face with both hands all make different statements and add to the experience.

7. Control his hands.

You are the woman and you still make all of the rules and set all of the guidelines for where this is going to lead.

If he starts getting too frisky with his hands, simply move them away and put his hand on your shoulder, without breaking off the kiss. On the other hand, if he’s not getting frisky enough, start to rub his chest or open a button on his shirt, which will give him permission to do the same, or just move his hand down from your shoulder a little.

If you’ve been dating long enough and he’s earned the big prize, well, you know where to touch him next.

Kissing is the first real intimate bond a man and a woman share. Holding hands may come first, but it just builds up anticipation and desire.

Kissing actually provides an element of satisfaction. It is not only a barometer of the passion you share, but it can often catapult feelings, desires and our sense of compatibility to a whole new level.

Bad kisses are a turn-off, mediocre kisses are OK, but great kisses are magical. Be a great kisser.